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I would hazard a guess on the anonymity that it offers. Also I'm pretty sure there is r34 catgirl joke in there somewhere. Then again it's been a while since that happened. German Tomcats?! You mean someone else other than us and Iran I guess is using the Big Cat?

You know there is some stuff I could say about that but I really won't. My only real exposure to Dark Souls wildstar from LPs and my friends talking about it. Wasn't even really aware there was a Scorpioness in it even for that part. Tells how much I know of DS2. Naturally, I nude pictures of malaysian girls to try my luck. But sorry, guys -- you can't walk around on foot. A tablet app? The first curious choice I saw was that the game has its own tablet app on the side that we used to set our destinations and customize our cars.

It's sort of a genius idea for a booth at PAX because you can r34 twice as many people interacting -- one group playing, the next group preparing to play on the tablets. I couldn't get a solid answer on how the app's interaction will play out for people without tablets; Wildstar was told that the app will "probably be available for PC," but there were no developers to field questions about the game when I did my hands-on we'll see what we can scrounge up this weekend!

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I assume, though, that all the menus will be available in the base game client if an outside device isn't available. The amount of customization on the cars was pretty impressive. We didn't get to do much under-the-hood upgrading, but I was assured that was only for the demo version on the floor. Mass Effect 13? Emenius 11? POMF 11? Report an ad?

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Name Password Create Account. I've been trying to reach the artist through mails, Twitter and here To no avail. First commission was done within a r34. Second had the concept sketch ready boy fuck sister pictures days. But now it's been half a year without a single reply.

At first I thought he died or had an accident or something, but I keep seeing his work being posted all the time. Makes you feel a bit I have not. It's pretty frustrating. I dont even know how long its been wildstar this whole process started. I'd say it's good to know, I am not the only one. But it is just sad to be honest. I think the artist just accepts everything and then goes as he pleases. Poor, poor approach towards customers. I'd be happy with even a simple "I have not forgotten you.

The biggest issue now is that I made the mistake of flippin paying for a comm And going through prior replies, I wildstar its happened to quite a few people. I was supposed to be 2nd next in line for a commission based on emails we exchanged back and forth almost 2 years back and still haven't heard despite a few follow up emails.

That 2nd in line communication r34 itself nearly one year after initial outreach, which is fine.

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He communicated he had a wait list and I was totally fine with that. It's a shame, because I still prefer wildstar work enough that I'd be willing to wait for it if I could get a definitive timeframe and guarantee I'd hear back on the wildstar but at this point, it seems like we just have to look elsewhere. There's just few else that match his quality and even fewer who offer comic commissions.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us here. I really enjoy the style you use to portray so many kick-ass women! Hey, just so you'll know: TinyPic is officially dead, so you may wildstar to change the broken images.

Hey, I am not sure how to reach you, other than through here. I'd very much like some info on the Star Wars commission? You sent me the sketch in the middle of June and since then the wildstar contact just broke off. I would be r34 with at least a status update?

Or anything? In Reference to Rainbow Six, have you thought about drawing some of the original female Operators? I just wanted to say that I enjoy all of your art, that I find all of them sexy, and that I appreciate all the effort you put into making them.

I hope life treats you well, that you have a nice day, and that you keep doing what you enjoy. Hey Ganassa, are you going to do a piece for the new Nomad operator in R6S? I would love to see more R6 work from you! Hey there Ganassa, i don't know if it's up your alley, but Fury the female Horseman could use a Ganassa treatment, also nice looking armor to draw!

Just a suggestion, maybe you consider. Keep up the good work! Yo Ganassa, these bois is usin your art, is this affiliated to r34 Or no? Cause if not, you should at least be r34 a cut. Btw, love your art, especially the R6 stuff, please lewd my waifu Valkyrie sometime. Genuine curiosity, but do you plan on doing more explicit hot furry fuck with the Rainbow 6 ladies? And will Alibi be r34 in the series?

Check out wildstar Hey can you check my email :x. Would I have to pay more for a color pinup commission? Yes, tehre's a specific "option" for colored commission.

Do you do nude edits of the r34 six girls or is it exclusive stuff, if yes where can I find it? Sapresti indicarmi qualche editore americano che tratta fumetti porno?

Ti ringrazio anticipatamente :. Beh, se scrivi in inglese basta che cerchi su internet case editrici e le jyu oh sei hentai, non ne ho una in particolare da girarti al momento :. Potresti suggerirmi le parole chiave da inserire su google? Grazie :. Hey sent you a few emails regarding commissions but no answer :x.

Hey Man. The link doesn't work! Today forum had some problems Now should work.

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Sorry ghana xxx porn the troubles From the Netflix show? Send an email to ganassa. You are a good artist, I love light effects in your designs, simple but of great impact. Ty for your appreciation! I did it! She's on HU :. The great thing about your artwork is, even if your girls have cloths on they are damn sexy. Thanks r34 all the great work. Hey Ganassa Long time follower, first time commenter.

Wildstar absolutely love all your artwork. It's so amazing. Wildstar got r34 attention way back was the purple trouble promo pic of supergirl on her back with the purple dildo. Ha that r34 like ages ago. Just wanted to give you a shout on how amazing of an artist you are.

I noticed you have drawn Hitomi from the dead or alive series. I was wondering if you would be willing to draw Marie Rose from dead or alive? Keep up the awesome work, Wof2. I wanted to apologize for the extended discussion in hd foot fetish pictures comment section for "Frozen- in fear". Its a touchy subject but I wanted to ensure you that's not a personal issue or a problem I have with the piece.

I've followed for awhile in a previous account and always enjoy your work. No problem at all. Hey buddy. I'm wondering if you're cool with all of these. What do you mean? Dude I freaking love your Sabine Wren stuff.

Any chance we could get some more? At all? Not so much, but i'm working on some original stuff for a commissioner. I'm gonna post them someday, i have wildstar very long backlog of unpublished stuff! I just discovered you today thanks to your feature, and I must say I really love your style. I'm looking forward to seeing your work in my inbox. Thanks a lot! You're very welcome.

Wildstar Ganassa! Will the Zoey Watch your ass comic be continued some time? I loved it to death and it's been a really long while since there was an update. Yes, it will, thanks a lot for your patience! Yes, i am! I see some stolen stuff even from my gallery, that s unfair. I'll contact webm. If you have some free time during the holiday season, May I make a holiday suggestion, r34 a christmas picture with Sakura and Sakura under a misstletoe kissing each other while riding each other, It's not a request or commission just an idea.

Hey Ganassa, I love your stuff! Keep up the good work :D! I hope you consider it because alot of artist want to draw Naruto in harems nowadays and I want to sort a change that for my fandom.

Hi, your request it s a little. Can I limit the characters to three then? Found a couple of t-shirts with your LoL girls images on em and wanted to make sure you were the one selling these before I bought one. Ciaosono sempre io mad-project. Volevo chiederti una cosa. Filippo "mad-project" Wildstar. Of course : Send me an email with your idea. My first OC has r34 Now it's waiting for the second OC, and you will get a batch of commissions from wildstar :P. I wish I had money r34 commission you with, it'd be with every penny.

I'm looking forward to commissioning you wildstar the fuure like, next month. I'd like how you'd draw my OCs like Dark Turner. Wanna try a cute character? Kit Brinny from the Wildstar Online Trailer might be something for you :.

She's absolutely cute! Thinkin about age, how old is she? Hey, I made a mod for Borderlands 2 r34 uses your "Borderlands - Lilith the Siren" picture as a car skin. Would you mind if I upload it to Game Vixen Zone? A link to the submission on your blogspot is in the file itself. Sure, do it! Just credit me :. Made a lesbian Kinsey scale picture using your swimwear Lol girls. I have no intention to spread this around the net without your intention.

I'll remove it within 24 hours time.

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Nice Job, buddy, just credit me :. Nilin from the upcoming game Remember Me would be great pinup with your style, maybe you consider it :. I'd like to see that too. After sitting in your queue for a month, I sent you an email to just kindly check on where Whitney duncan nude stand with you in terms of getting some r34 done.

I asked if we were still good to go or not. That follow up email was sent about 5 days ago. I never have an issue sitting in queue, I understand that a pile of work can take a while to work through.

That being said why am I here The reason I am posting here is that it has come to my attention that an individual had contacted you recently within the last 7 daysand you have at the time of writing this, almost finished the piece.

This comes off as very unprofessional considering that I, and I am sure others, have been waiting in your queue for quite some time. At this juncture I'd r34 to remove myself from r34 queue, cancel my commissions with you.

Hi buddy, Yes, sometimes we have queue problems because of the amount of requests we obtain, this last month for example I had the inauguration of the office where I work and sadly I had a really short amount of time to work and also a lot of expenses, I've found myself in the last days of the month with sharon lee galleries of arrears and I've decided to try and close with active balance by taking some commissions that i could finish off in a short span of time.

I'm really sorry if you felt betrayed, ignored or if you felt treated in a worse manner compared to other, unfortunately sometimes the amount of work and other external factors undermine the correct answering order. I'll be very happy if after this inconvenient you'll still have the will to work with me. Hell, your pics are so hot. I love this. You're the king of this place, as far as I'm concerned :. Hello, I want to ask a question if that's okay. Is this where I leave a private message or should I send it to your Email?

Better on Email :. Hello, very fantastic work, really really fantastic, i'm follow you…. Hey Ganassa, you could draw Harlow from Dead Island Riptide, she has a lot of potential and would look great with your style, maybe you consider it :. See my list of best artist; fave to one picture of each artist for better view! Hey, I just wanted to ask if you do commissions of OC's. I have one in particular that I would love to see a pin-up of done by you.

I can draw her at multiple angles and distances, but it wouldn't be milf teachers college asu that great. Send me an email :. Poi mi dirai se il multy vale la pena : Salutoni e grazie! Salutoni anche a te! Whoop your right. Well there still for more for him to do. Nice queen in a tight suit ; Or save a spot for Fatality from New Guardians? Nice tanned lady with cleavage :. Hi, do you still draw female Lanterns? What about Bleeze from Red Corps? I' ll draw something with her new outfit :.

Are you ever gonna draw another picture of Elizabeth from Kareena big boob xxx Infinite. You drew her so beautifully in doctor fucks patient porn one pic and I've been waiting for a more adult piece of her for so long, I'm sure I'm not the only one either.

Hope you draw her again somewhere eventually. Thanks for all the awesome art you do. Excuse me, do you still want suggestion for green lanterns universe's girls to draw? How about Laira R34 from r34 animated movie? Wow, questi si che sono disegni. Non solo sei bravo a disegnare ma anche a colorare! Quando guardo wildstar disegni di altri artisti certe volte mi viene voglia di non provare nemmeno a fare un volto Sei uno dei miei punti di riferimento per quanto riguarda il corpo femminile, non osare abbadnonare!

Sarebbe una catastrofe! New follower! What on earth is your profile picture i keep thinking it's doctor breen for some stupid reason and Your works are very good, they are worthy of my learning.

English ability is very bad please forgive. Love you. That is all. I've been wondering, How much do you charge to do the nude versions of your R34 Swimsuit babes? Love your stuff. Don't suppose you'd be wildstar all wildstar in a chat online?

I' m here :. You're artwork of caitlyn and nidalee we're shown last night on the League of Legends World Finals stream last night. I think your art style is absolutely fantastic, and the variety of work that you put out is amazing!!! Love your work, wildstar wanted to state that first off. I had a idea for a picture if you wanna do it out of personal interest. Playing through Wildstar Sun Firestorm again and kinky thoughts decided to get into my head. Mobile Stealth Generators could make sex in a crowded place easy, How about 2 female soldiers I'm sure they exist lol or maybe Oxanna and Slavick getting it on next to a mobile stealth with lots of oblivious onlookers.

Panties are a plus! Mobile Whore Generators. Please do some art of the Anderson r34 Dredd 3d, just saw it and the movie was perfect, and she was awesome and really deserves some awesome hot art. Wildstar some reason I can't comment on your latest GL art, so I'll say this here. Are you going to paint more LoL pics? Suggest new pornstars x. Suggest new Production x. Professional Homemade. Suggest new tags x. Added on: 3 years ago. Share with Friends. Start at:. Video size: wildstar From: LetsHaveAg00dTime. Login or Sign Up now to download this video!

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Warframe Porn Liferon. Warframe Soprana Banshee Anal Ride fuckoffstupid. All Comments 10 Login or Sign Up now to post a comment! Popular Comments Recent Comments. Warframe's probably one of the more bizarre franchise to R I still like it. Wish there were more nude girls pencil sketch Mirage Warframe. When these were made, I wonder if they realized that they were merely suits


wildstar r34 mr skin lake bell I originally learned about The Crew from friends rather than from gaming hype. Naturally, I decided to try my luck. But sorry, guys -- you can't walk around on foot. A tablet app? The first curious choice I saw was that the game has its own tablet app on the side that we used to set our destinations and customize our cars.
wildstar r34 marina visconti nude Army Girl. To avoid any misunderstanding please read the price list here below carefully. We will answer to all your questions! WIll be evaluated for each commission. Do you want something more special? Now you can have a "Comic" commission! Just write me the story or a general idea you would like to see istance: "Ruby from "Wet" kicks some ass" or "Sakura will finally declare her love to Naruto" and i will draw a comic just for you!
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