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I lift my head and tentatively lick the slit between her swollen lips. She shifts her hips and pushes her pussy slightly down on my face. There is even more of a taste there and the scent is even more arousing too. While I am doing that, I am caressing the parts of her body that I can reach with my hands. At the same time I feel her titties rubbing on my body, which watch a turn-on too.

At one point, I suck in something that feels a little firmer than slim anal fuck rest. Oh fuck yeah! But I obey her wishes, flicking my tongue over the hard little nubbin, wondering if that has anything to masturbate with her pleasure. Since it seems to, I just keep up tumblr what I am doing. Then, suddenly, she lets out an explosive exhale and her whole body starts trembling. When this happens, lots of warm tasty fluid comes squirting out of her pussy.

It nearly drowns me but I swallow quickly and keep sucking. Her face must be near my cock because I feel her warm breath on it as she breathes hard with her orgasm. When her trembling slows down, I think that I must be done so I stop. This time she pulls herself forward, pulling her pussy away from my mouth. She is still shaking and I hope that she is okay. I continue to caress her as much watch I can while she lies on top of me.

She seems to really like it when I play with her ass cheeks, so I knead and squeeze them. After a few minutes, I feel her licking my cock again, confirming the tumblr her face is indeed near my cock. She lifts her head and takes the head of my cock into her mouth once more.

But she obviously has other plans when, a few minutes later, she rolls off of me and then positions herself squatting over my hips facing me. Then, a moment later, I watch as my hard cock begins to disappear into her body. It is a sight to behold!! My pole is sliding into the very place masturbate I came from over seventeen years ago!

Ever so slowly, my cock slides into her wet velvety tunnel. I moan out loudly and she just smiles, maybe because she knows that there are lots better things to come. It seems that the deeper my cock goes, the tighter it becomes.

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I have a dildo in the shower and masturbate Bluetooth vibe next to my bed that I control from my phone. I had to do it stealth as a kid because I had No privacy. Especially in the middle of the day? JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. I mean I like most of you but I honestly don't give a shit about your sex life or how many times you've masturbated today. A bottle or four of wine and nothing but unadulterated unrestrained banter.

Fill my head with your views on everything. On capital punishment and if you could flip the switch and whether your perspective tumblr if it involves a family member or someone you are close to? Tell me stories of your childhood and how it scarred you, how the small town you grew up in tainted your views on minorities or fostered a love of different cultures, how the first time you masturbated you were terrified and sadly disappointed.

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