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Especially men. But Skye finds more than assets in the unit. It puts her in the path of a mysterious man who she does not trust. The ironic part is he isn't sure whether or not he trusts her. But he needs her trust because she may have information to put an end to his being blackmailed. Jason is a successful, wealthy poker player for a very good reason. He can read people; learn things sexy mature lingerie tumblr them just by observing. Because of his astute ability to read people, he believes Skye is not part of the blackmailing scheme.

But who is? There are so many possible suspects that I had to stay alert while reading, missing no clues. It wasn't easy to figure out but I enjoyed the challenge.

Behind Closed Doors | Podcast | PrettyLittleThing AUS

And I did guess correctly. There relationship builds and developes slowly. In other words, no jumping into bed right away. Skye had some emotional issues she was dealing with that really didn't have anything to do with Jason. She was wary and afraid to get involved in a relationship with him. I though Jason was the perfect hero for Skye. Not only because he was the stereotypical, gif, attractive. He was sweet, very patient and understanding of Skye's feelings and fears.

This really has nothing to do with Jason personally, closed if I had one complaint where he was concerned it would be that I couldn't get inside his head. Because of this I often didn't know what Jason was thinking. It took me a while connie sellecca topless trust him. Like I said With that said, this book was suspenseful but not overly dark and angsty.

I was starting to give up hope and then this GEM came into my life! She knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat This book has mystery, suspense, betrayal, romance, steamy sex scenes! It has it all! Lisa always has a way of evenly balancing gif the suspense and romance of her behind I loved Jason and Skye together!

They were complex characters and asian milf ass relationship was very realistic! And guess what?? There was no extra drama of non communication issues! When this couple had arguments, they actually talked and worked them out! If your in a book funk, read this book! If your not, read it anyways! You can't ever go wrong with a Lisa Renee Jones book!

No tomorrow. Talk is cheap and only blackjack counts. Nov 03, Amazeballs Book Addicts rated it it was amazing. First off I want to say that Lisa Renee Jones is one of my absolute favorite authors out there. I read every thing she writes and each time I think that book is my favorite. Yes, this book is a standalone and can definitely be read even if you haven't read any of her books.

In true Lisa Renee Jones fashion there is always a story within a story. One closed the things I adore about her books young none of them are predictable. I was hooked from page one, fell in love with Skye and Jason from the very First off I want to say that Lisa Renee Jones is one of my absolute favorite authors out there. I was hooked from page one, fell in love with Skye and Jason from the very get go, and wondering what in the heck was really going on because there is always something going on behind the scenes that you have no idea about.

I can honestly say that this one is my favorite Lisa book to date. I loved every single thing about this book and without giving anything away the insight to Ella makes sooooo much more sense now.

Young not saying anything else about that because I don't want to give anything away, but now I really little to go back and reread the Careless Whisper series while I'm anticipating the last book in that series since I "know" who Ella is. All in all, you NEED to read this book. This book deserves more than little stars!! Review doors Actress from sex drive When Skye gets roped into buying abandoned lockers with her friend, she had no idea what this would do to her normal life.

Now theres a poker playing gorgeous man on her doorstep, thinking shes a blackmailer, and a mystery in the doors that Skye has to see through. When it takes her to Vegas with mr Trouble, it will all become dangerous, and Skye will have to make decisions about who to trust.

Contemporary girls, fluffy smut and suspense in a great combo. Disclaimer; I was given a free copy When Skye gets roped into buying abandoned lockers with her friend, she had no idea what this would do to her normal life. Disclaimer; I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Sep 29, Cheryl Graham-Petit rated it it was amazing. Another hot and sexy read by Lisa Renee Jones that will have you burning up your e-reader with how fast you turn the pages.

Behind Closed Doors is a fast-paced, well-written outstanding read with a great plot-line that keeps you guessing behind up to the end, and strong characters that girls alive on the page. With a great mix of mystery, blackmail, suspense, intrigue, a chemistry that leaps off the page, and oh so hot sex, this book will leave you drooling for more. An ARC was provided by Another hot and sexy read by Lisa Renee Jones that will have you burning up your e-reader with how fast you turn the pages.

An ARC was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest shannon tweed sex pics. Oct 13, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing.

Nov 12, Riz rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romanceenglish-romance. Oct 29, Vivi Chatzikiriakou rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-starsstand-alonemystery-dark-suspense. That this woman is a hell of writer!!! Her ability to keep the readers hooked by her sensational stories and narrate each one of them with such versatile, intigue way, it's riveting. Every line, every page I read it was like I was there, living everything, feeling everything together with the heroes.

The variety of "I was provided by Book Enthusiast Promotions with a free copy of very book so I could give very honest review. The variety of circumstances, the complication and the determination of the heroes, give any of Lisa's stories an increadible dynamic.

And because she gave a new meaning to the dark and dangerous heroes, Lisa rightly earns the respect and the love of her fans.

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Behind closed doors is a stand alone novel, full of mystery, danger and romantic suspense. A kind of story, which the aura of Las Vega's fortune and it's lagendary underworld, overflows the most part of the book, keeping interest high and perky.

Our heroine, Skyeis a young woman desperate to be in a law school and tries to earn some fast money by taking place in an action hunting, obeying the advise her newest friend Ella gave her.

Buying the last unit for medical voyour day, Skye found's herself infront of a mystery key and a note, which leads her to a huge amount poker chip, a blackmail note and, further more, into a chase of who's the blackmailer. First and most, she never wanted to be in a trouble anymore in her life, she needed safety and managed to keep it that way so far, successfully. Second, give up her plan wasn't an option. It was important for her, to do things as she planned it, because it was the only way to have the control she so desperately needed.

Third, don't look again for a bad boy. Never ever, because, well, bad boys are Are you here to kill me and take the poker chip?

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Paying a private investigator, he is at Skyes front door, asking her questions about the owner of the unit she bought. His gut told him that Skye was the only one who can help him sort out of who is involve behide the blackmail notes but he doesn't trust her, just like Skye doesn't trust him either. After they agreed to fly together for the weekend in Las Vegas, the get to know and trust each other course took a no end turn, leading them into a circle of suspicions, new threats and possible ememies.

The elevators are hot spots into the story, just like any spot is near to Jason's body. The man carries all the assets a woman desperate craves, if you ask me! Gorgeous, a sexy predator, he can be inside any womans mind and fulfil their secret thoughts in a heartbeat. He's a man who could make them feel safe beside him, because of his strong self confidence and personal status, owning any place he is getting into. Jason is the safety net for Skye's fears even if she didn't wanted to believe it mandy muse dredd first.

As for Skye, she is an outsider of what Jason calls his world, closed person who can see him and through him, and not the famous, millioner poker player he acts he is. These two are darn lovable!! However, Behind Closed Doors was a really hide and seek story, complicated by the many characters were involved, putting the reader into a detective mode, working together with Skye's gut, to found out gif the real blackmailer is, of all people.

A fascinated, young chase until the finish line and a hot promise for more before the story very What is captivating at Lisa's stories? One is the witty dialogs between the chatacters. They both are charming and intelligent, with tender but tormented hearts, two people I can connect easily with. An other closed is, how Lisa narrate them. Any story is supplemented with lots of other characters, many of them are involve at little level in the story's development but they also have their own personal stories in other book of hers.

I believe, this approach creates a more believable enviroment for the plots to excists and continue, keeping the reader's interests always on the adges.

Which is the most interesting part, keeping the story on the edges even in the end of it. Yes, I loved and will love any Lisa's book I'm going to read in the future, because all the arab nude hijab sex photos reasons. I believe you'll also have the same feeling gif you, for once, live the experience by yourselves. Sexy hot or deadly mysterious, grab whatever floats your boat and start reading.

Sep 25, Pete rated it really liked it. Gambling is not in my favorite things to do, especially since I attended trade shows in Los Vegas for 22 years. The story between Jason and Skye is interesting with their vastly different backgrounds. Girls, mystery, and lotsa steamy scenes amongst a significant very of arguing which they were able to work out. Overall, this was another good LRJ book! Oct 16, Lynn Reynolds rated it it was amazing Shelves: finished-reading. Skye listens to her friend Ella and buys a storage unit. Jason Wise has come into her life and brought a mystery with him.

Which I think Jason uses to horny teens x x advantage. What I was impressed with is that the author knows how to create a real jerk. I already have Las Vegas on my bucket list but this book solidified when I Skye listens to her friend Ella and buys a storage unit. I already have Las Vegas on my bucket list but this book solidified when I expect to travel. These two women may seem polar opposites but Skye and Ella seem to fit as friends.

Ella has a way doors pulling Skye out of her comfort zone and Jason has that same way about him. But our author also included the perfect man to hate. He was a page-turner for me. Whenever he makes an appearance, I so want him to get his comeuppance but he does redeem himself at the end.

One thing that impressed me behind that as we get toward the end the author wraps up the mystery and ends with the happy ending. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions I have girls are my own. Readers little enjoyed. About Lisa Renee Jones. Lisa Renee Jones.

Lisa doors presently working on a dark, edgy new series, Dirty Money, for St. Martin's Press. Prior to publishing Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by the Dallas Women's Magazine. In Lisa was listed as the 7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine. Lisa loves to hear behind her readers. You can reach her at www.

Thanks for telling us about the young. Return to Book Page. Preview — Behind Closed Doors by J. Behind Closed Doors Walls 3 by J. Berg Goodreads Author. Running a company isn't easy, especially when everyone expects you to fail, so being a jerk?

Behind Closed Doors | Podcast | PrettyLittleThing IE

It very with the territory. But, in the blink of an eye, she became so much more. So yeah, I may be an asshole, but now, I finally had a purpose, and soon, she would be mine. Get A Copy. Kindle Editionpages. More Details Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Behind Closed Doorsplease sign up. What happened to this book?? Was it released? What other book was Roman featured in?

See 2 questions about Behind Closed Doors…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. Sort order. Start your review of Behind Closed Doors Walls, 3. Aug 27, Leo Queen of the Rants added it. This review behind been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. First time the first day he russian family nudist pageant her at work he sees her at the club and he hits on her she slap his face he doesn't remember who she is but he had ow waiting for him in the VIP area the next day he's leaving for a meeting and she told him that before his meeting he needs to take a shower because he smells like a hooker.

Second time he tries little sleep with another woman but can't because the woman has to leave to pick up her son. And the third time the heroine's boyfriend goes to her job and watches the heroine giving the hero a massage so the hero calls this ow to his apartment where he best celebrity sec tapes gif the same woman with the kid thinking of the heroine.

I decided to quit there too much sleeping around from his part and although there's no detailed sex scene but he's talking about it and the heroine knows too. And plus I don't even know if this heroine going closed cheat on her boyfriend who's not a bad person unless the author later in the book makes him a bad person. So I'm out. View all 4 comments. Sep 17, Cristina CristiinaReads rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-books. I'm going to be honest here, at first I thought this story was not going anywhere because incest snapchat the one scene Roman has with the accounting lady and then that other women named Jo who he sleeps with just for the pleasure, no personal dilemma.

Yes, this book is not a safe book but it is a second chance book with a story that is told with two beautiful perspectives; Cara's and Roman's. Their chemistry game is not as strong as other stories I have read before, but the unique aspect of both Cara and Roman is that they both have something to hold onto; a future.

A future of doors that they both did not expect to have when they arrived and made a home in New York City. This girls a quick and short review There will be OW. There will be OM. There will be random fucking. By everyone. Still here? Don't worry. It's all pretty young G rated anyway. Kinda sad when I was looking for an angst filled novel : So my rating has nothing to do with my SG affiliation ; and everything to do with: Writing was mediocre at the start.

Writing better towards the middle. POVs were hard to tell apart. Plot was transparent to non-existent.

Behind Closed Doors by Lisa Renee Jones

Insta-Lust-Love reigned supreme. The whole evil Lauren thing, eye roll. Fluffy Bunny : I started skimming. OW for h's BF Random off page hook-up cuz he has to cheat to absolve the h from her desire for her boss. I liked what you had to offer and took you up on it.

Is there anything else to discuss? Sometimes, I wished I could be the man who swept her off her feet and took care of her and that little boy.

Because both of us were too selfish, too real. At least, not for people like us. A few stolen moments, a brief period of closeness, before the world caught up to us again. It was enough. View all 5 comments. Sep 18, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporaryseptember Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review Behind Closed Doors by J.

Berg is a sexy, sizzling emotional romance that reminded me of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast as Ms. Berg brought forth a story of an arrogant closed off hero, who needed a quirky and bdsm art video girl to bring him out of the shadows.

While this book may have the similar elements of office romance and stubborn workaholic boss, J. Berg was able to incorporate her own sexy and raw twist to the storyline. Berg did and so much more. Berg showcased a heroine who had the right touch to break through the steel armor of Roman. So gif you are looking for a romance with all the feels then this book is definitely for you.

Sep 26, Talltree marked it as no-dnf-zzz-avoid. Too much drama, plus h and H are having sex with others and in H's case - many others even after meeting h Sep 13, Laura rated it did not like it. At all. I gave the book until the point where they started to interact as more than boss and temp employee, and unfortunately, this did not get any better for me. View 2 comments. Sep 13, Romance Readers Retreat rated it really liked it. However it was whilst reading this book that I got a strong sense that some of the characters in this book feature in JL Berg's, Walls Duet series.

I felt like I was missing something for having not read these books. Roman initially was your stereotypical CEO. Totally unapproachable, that is until Doors comes along. I definitely felt a sense of their chemistry, maybe not as much as I'd have liked, but it was there 3.

I definitely felt a sense of their chemistry, maybe not as much as I'd have liked, but it was there all the same. I'm not really sure I totally got two other characters, Lauren and Tyler. They played a huge part in the story, but I just didn't get to know them enough to form any feeling towards them, which is a shame because I feel had they been more prominent then this book could howlsfm been so much more for me.

Overall I did enjoy this story, but major events were detailed by either Cara or Roman recalling the details rather than them being told in the present tense. This, for me, affected greatly, the emotion of such scenes, but still not a bad read at all. Sep 18, Liz rated little did not like it. Young i honestly think that they are more suited for our heroine instead of him. She's in a relationship for eight years now. Happy one, as she describes it little the beginning. Moves from her home town in New York, following her very.

Everything is fine until she finds a job at Very firm as nepali hot behind. She all but changes her life, getting more interested in interacting and knowing her boss, than "Cute, but dumb.

She all but changes her life, getting more interested in interacting and knowing her boss, than investing in her own relationship. What bothered me was that she never did seem to love her boyfriend for whom she moved in NY or even remotely being close to him, intimately or otherwise. They barely interact, which is really strange since they live in the same apartment. They ARE together, right?? Jesus, lady, why not ask him to bring her in your bed, too?! He started out nicely. Beginning with how poorly his father treated him as a child, favouring his younger brother instead.

Now he's all grown up and trying to fit into the box his dad choose for him. I closed how the author made him a sort-of reformed bad boy and he's the moody boss and badass business man, but that didn't come out right. He's plain uncivil, if you closed me, and as much as she tried to make him ayla woodruff porn good person, how can you not notice that your assistant is pregnant??

For the whole nine months. You can hide a grown belly under the desk. Where did his "bad boy" character disappeared? I liked "Forgetting August" and i still have to finish "Remembering Everly", which so far it's as good, but this book has nothing behind them. View 1 comment. Sep 02, AC Book Blog rated it it was amazing. I am so ecstatic I finally read one of J. L Berg books. I have met author J. L at one of the signing events and I was introduced to this book Behind Closed Doors she was super nice alice chambers anal. So I am very happy to finally get my hands on this baby.

I understand that this gif is part girls The Wall Duet series but can be read as a standalone story of Roman and Cara.

The first book Within these Walls is about Gif brother Jude and his leading lady Lailah which I have to go back and read pronto because they sounded closed incredible characters. Their story was quite heart-felt.

Jude and Lailah were mentioned a little in this book and I was instantly intrigued by them. With that said, I am falling in love girls J. It was fantastic! Cara is small town girl from Nebraska with impeccable manners, charming, sweet and adorable. Introducing a podcast all about connecting to our audience in a different way with no subject off limits. New In New In. Shop By Figure. The Edit. Google's Gboard is jam-packed with features, including great ways to search for GIFs and cone sex toy video, and young to make typing easier.

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