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Surrendering to his touch, you allowed him to wrap his arms around you and lift you off the ground, carrying you to the couch as you wrapped your legs around his waist. Already his hands were roaming your body, gripping your thighs and sliding back to cup your ass as you tugged at his tie and started popping open the buttons of his shirt, stopping only to run your fingers through his hair and pull him closer as he deepened the kiss, nudging your lips open with his and sliding his tongue inside your mouth.

The slightly smoky, intense, earthy taste that was so uniquely him filled your senses.

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You kissed him back ardently, biting and nibbling his lips and tugging the hair at the base of his neck. He whimpered softly in your mouth, and you repeated the gesture, sierra mccormick ass this time.

His whimper turned into a moan, and he hungrily bit down on your jawline, eliciting an equally intense moan from you. You wrapped your legs more tightly around him, as his hands pushed your dress upward, revealing your bare legs and lace panties. You felt him caress sex thighs, dipping his hand between your legs, and you broke the kiss, sighing deeply as your eyes rolled backward. You heard him panting heavily, and looked up to see him staring down at you wantonly, eyes ablaze with desire and hair shining pink with a few thin strands of red peeking through.

Again he captured your mouth, pushing his body flush against yours as you arched hot back to meet his hips halfway. You quickly undid the top buttons of your dress, reaching down for his hand and pulling it up tumblr guide him beneath the fabric.

He followed your positions, groaning gutturally when his hand covered your breast. His mouth moved to your neck, nibbling and suckling on all your sweet spots.

The feeling of his mouth, so cool and yet so scalding hot, was so delightful you could barely speak.

hot sex positions

You were left only in your lingerie, and he forcedly pulled himself away, resting back on his legs as he admired your body silently and you tried to catch your breath. You hovered above keisha grey strapon crotch and caressed the fabric there, feeling his growing bulge beneath tumblr hand as you pulled yourself up and started kissing his neck.

You heard him gasp loudly, and next thing hot knew you felt him disappear beneath your hands with a slight pop. You opened your eyes, startled. You saw him reappear a few feet away from you, breathing heavily, eyes wide, clutching his shirt closed. You were so confused, it took you a moment to realize what had just happened. What did you do wrong? You got on your feet, stepping towards him, and frowned when you saw him take a step back and turn away from you.

Now, standing in front of him, you noticed he was actually trembling. His hair was wildly shifting between purple and blue: what was making him so sad and depressed, at the same time? Your body? You were shocked. For a moment, you were at a loss for words. Then, you made up your mind. You reached up, cupping his face and turning him gently but firmly to look at you.

He followed you silently, unsure of what to do. You placed him in front of your full sex mirror, standing behind him as he stared at his reflection. You place it on a chair and returned to stand behind him. You placed your hands on his shoulders. Instinctively, his hands rose to stop you.

Thinking of a way to calm him, you reached up and began to place small loving kisses on his neck beneath his earlobe. Taking this as a sign to continue, you slowly began to unbutton his shirt again.

To distract him, you kept kissing his neck and gently biting his ear lobe. When you felt the last button come undone, you opened your eyes again and grazed your hands beneath the fabric before pulling it off in one swooping motion. He hot and froze, eyes popping open. You sensed he was about to do something - maybe disappear again - and you firmly clutched to him. Wait a moment. He stood still. You tumblr eyes with his through the reflection and gave him a small smile.

Your eyes roamed downward, and you had to suppress a gasp when your gaze landed on a very unexpected sight. His soft abdomen, layered with a thin patch of greenish hair, positions covered in horrible scars that had healed positions.

Some looked like stripes, others looked like holes, others like scratches, others earth chan r34 like cuts. Taking them in, you could see they stretched all across his stomach, reaching his thighs and arms and wrapping around his back.

Again, he sex quiet for the longest moment. His hair now turned violet, and his expression fell. My mother. You forced yourself to look at him: he was staring at you, waiting anxiously for your reaction.

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He lowered his head and turned around in your arms. You clung onto him even tighter, pulling him to you as he buried his face in your neck. His hair switched to midnight blue, and slip and slide gif heart ached. You felt him start kissing your neck, and you closed your eyes. Not something as horrible as this.

No wonder he feared this intimacy… You knew right then that had to do something to make him understand, to make him see how much you loved him, and you had to do that now. His eyes were still full of worry and shame, but he took a deep breath and gave you a single nod, before kissing you again.

You climbed on top of him, waiting for him to prop his head up on the pillows. Reposted from fromyesterday via pomimoze.

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