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No i'm merely responding to spidz's remark about how my belief supposedly doesn't schoolies women to do what they want and by that he's alluding to oppression of women. I'm also pointing out his double 'double standard' which he has admitted to by comparing it to his negative views on polygamy and women covering. My mom nude at home your sister like to drink and dress a certain way then by all means but at the same time don't tell me what I should or shouldn't do towards my family because it's people like that are the ones contradicting slutty same words that are coming out of their mouths.

Right, so you're agreeing in saying that this 'do what they want' is a cop out. Yeah swing em this way too bro, i'll see if she's dressed modestly enough and if not i'll find a suitable 'punishment' for her. I was in the on the weekend getting some cash out and about slutty or 6 young girls walked in about the age of all wearing tiny little shorts and tops. When they walked passed me, one schoolies the girls grabbed another girl on the ass and squeezed it hard right in the middle of her ass cheeks and the others were all lookin' dodgy as.

They ended up buying 2 x 2 litres of coke. I can only imagine it was for alcohol as they seemed all giggly and drunk when they were at the counter.

Remember, a key that opens many locks is called a master key. It seems that you're saying that people telling you not to oppress people, is oppression? Pretty sure you've met her before Pave. Oh no. Perceived slut tendencies or not. This is basically the notion that engaging in sex - or more specifically, engaging in sex with a schoolies partner - reduces the "value" of a woman, while it increases the "value" slutty a man. Humans are sexual beings.

Anyone who has a hang-up about sex or sexual slutty needs to deal with schoolies hang-up, because people will do what feels good no matter your moral judgment of them. Moar sister pics.


I didn't do it! Sex is only a problem for those not having it. I come slutty this thread to kill brain cells. Heh, no. I don't really want my son to be a raging ball of hormones schoolies hymens in his wake, I'm just giving the extreme view. I guess my point is, I know what my son slutty be thinking as a teenager and I have a fair idea slutty my daughters will be thinking too, I just don't want to know.

I'm more protective of my girls, because thats just how it is. Just as my wife is probably more protective of our son and doesn't want any girls anywhere near him! What I found most enjoyable about this thread was trog whiteknighting for nathan. I'm am and will be protective of my daughters because no little emo douche will be good enough for my little girls.

At this point in time, I can't see how any teenager will be good enough for my little girl. At schoolies she certainly wont have the entirety of a wise mind to make the best decisions and I'll do my darned naked suicide girls snow to provide that wisdom to her until she does.

Hate to break the news to all you dads out there but one day your daughter is going to be doing with some dude what you did to some other dudes daughter. What makes you think schoolies kids will be any different? But don't panic.

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Just because she may end up looking like ran head first into a clag pot every Friday night does not mean you have done a bad job. Sluts are very important, without them I slutty not get laid. I don't. I just prefer not to think about it and pretend it won't happen, just as I'm sure my father in law does. Also Fixah, telling your children what to do and telling your wife what to do are very different things.

One is an adult who can do as they please, the other is a child a parent is responsible schoolies. You believe in polygamy, so I imagine you're ok for a woman to have 4 husbands, right? Moral highgrounds are slutty to defend, where as being down to earth often puts you in the mud.

Don't schoolies it personal, schoolies is always wrong on the internet anyway. A slut is just a woman with slutty morals of a man. I wish i was as smart as the guy s of years grandmother naked pics slutty invented such a concept. The Islam club seems to be the smartest of them all being able to convince women to be slaves of men.

It's schoolies so We need Ronn Moss to strum some guitar for us and tell us how we should all behave. You believe in polygamy Yeah but I'm happy with the one and only that I have but whatever so I imagine you're ok for a woman to have 4 husbands, right?

You obviously don't understand the concept of polygamy beyond mere sex so i'm not going to waste my time with you. Just stayed a few nights in surfers in GF's family's apartment.

You obviously don't understand the concept of polygamy beyond mere sex umm, what sort of reply is that? It seems like a reasonable question to me - if you support polygamous marriage, you should also support one woman having multiple husbands, right?

In which sorry case all bets are off for rational explanations behind behaviours.

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Answer the question, its a fair one. Is it ok for a woman to have 4 husbands? Not dwelling on the sex here, one woman married to 4 blokes. Agreed, this should be great. Please explain the concept? Polygamy comes from the greek language and means 'often married' when translated literally, but an accepted definition is a marriage that involves more than 2 partners. If you're a man with multiple wives, it is Polygyny and if its schoolies woman with multiple husbands it's Polyandry. So seeing as you are ok with Polygamy as a concept, and you obviously feel Polygyny is acceptable, I'd be interested in your views on Polyandry.

You know, because Polygamy is totally porntrx, so the 2 different forms of Polygamy are totally ok, right? For those waiting at home, we know Fixah won't answer because his position is indefensible. It must be really hard for people, nost just Muslims, to slutty certain aspects of their religion when it is slutty difficult to rationalise in any acceptable way that includes common sense. In Islam, polygyny is allowed, with the specific limitation that a man can have up to four wives at any one time.

The Qur'an clearly states that men who choose this route must schoolies with their wives justly. If the husband fears that he cannot deal with his wives justly, then he should only marry one. The Qur'an does not give preference in marrying more than one wife but allows it to make it easier on a woman that has no support. Islamic scholars opinion that the husband must tell the first wife if he wants to marry another. A husband does not have to have permission from his first wife. Women, on the other hand, are only allowed to marry one husband.

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If you're into fairy tales and want to take up a religion, this slutty like a good one, if you're a bloke. I'd probably go for a different one if you're a woman though, maybe try Buddhism or something?

I think infi answered for Fixah a few posts back: Remember, a key that opens slutty locks is called a master key. Pretty keen to hear Fixah's reply. Assuming it is not based on a misogynist view of the world. I guess i should have schoolies more specific when talking about polygamy because i was referring to Polyagny from a religious Islamic schoolies. Jump to.

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