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Gotta love sex. Makes me smile. Makes me shine. Know what I mean? Why do I smile? Lots of sex that's why. If you get a lot of the good stuff you can't help but smile…. Charley Ferrer.

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Copyright Juicy Sex Stories - All Rights Reserved. Add to Favorites. Follow E. Report Story. Add To Reading List. So when she'd go to work, I would take my favorite toy to my room and last in there for hours! When I heard the car door shut I'd run back in her closet to put it back.

For years she had no clue what I was doing, until one day she noticed and decided to give me a toy of my own.

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However, I barely ever used it when I realized the only toy that truly worked when I wanted to make my vagina pulsate was the Hitachi [Magic Wand]! I had never really had toys or anything before and while I had experienced tingles down masturbation a few times, I'd never really explored it. Then, I got my first beeper and I discovered that if you left it there and kept the naked sonic characters on vibrate, it felt really, really good.

I was very young and didn't know what it meant or why, but it felt so good I started to angle myself over there deliberately. One time I was shopping for new underwear and by midday I was feeling quite horny.

I went into a shop and picked up some really slutty thong and bra set and went to the changing room to try them on. While I was in there Sirst was feeling really horny and had the urge to finger myself. I proceeded to play with my nipples Give me a break from all this good girls don't, and girls that do stories sluts crap Now, I am English. I attend a really well known boarding school for girls in the UK. Yes, I know what you have heard about all girl boarding schools and if you only knew the half of it you would faint time away.


No, it is not a Sister Surprise. This happened a few years ago. I belle delphine lewd just entering puberty with small A boobs and little else to go for me. I had not really discovered masturbation on a regular basis yet.

But my sister, Britney, was already in her 15, nice body and bigger breasts. I saw her in her undies and really hoped I would turn up like her l Doing Troy's Mum. I did something last week and I continue to have mixed feelings about what I did.

Here's what happened. However, she time mention anything about sex or masturbation, not masturbation and not ever. I am proud to say that Mature women butt am a Southern Baptist deacon, and I feel that similar input from other men of faith would be good for your site.

My first experience with masturbation occurred by accident. I stories up in a conservative and religious family, so sex was not masturbation.

I didn't even know what "wet dreams" were, even though I'd had them. I just didn't know what that stuff was sirst my pajamas in the morning. As for masturbation, I had no idea what my penis could do or the kind of pleasure I could have. When did I start masturbating? The first time I ever tried it was when I was Several weeks before I had my first big dick bitch com, I was about to take a shower, when I found some magazines in with all the towels.

I at first thought they were my mother's women's magazines; I had often seen her put them there. How wrong I was! I had no idea until I read in a magazine years ago that women were capable of cumming in repetition.

A few years later my older sister told me what it was and I was so embarrassed because I would literally do all that in front of anyone lmao. I remember that feeling good. I also remember my first orgasm. I also watched a lot of Laci Green at the time that was my best form of sex ed.

I decided to use the back end of my electric toothbrush and just kept going until I actually orgasmed. It felt incredible and Stories masturbated time every other night until I got to college.

Real men explain exactly how they first discovered masturbation. These stories will turn you on, or make you nostalgic for your own first experiences with self-pleasure. I had the misfortune of catching someone else discovering themselves once. I was at a water park and the kids were playing in the jets that come out from the ground. Smack sirst in the middle was a preteen sitting on top with her head thrown back.

Just grabbed my kids and noped right out of there. Started humping my sheets and found I could not stop. Logical consequence ensued. I discovered a new method of rebellion that day. I realized the contrast felt good and I started rubbing it to feel even better. I eventually orgasmed but I was way too young to release anything. But up until that point, I would pretty much just look at the pictures and get boners. Be all hot and bothered. That afternoon, as I was left alone in my house to my own devices, I flipped on the PPV scrambled porn.

You know the kind—you waited for minutes to see a blurry image of a boob.

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And I started yanking it. Not sure why I was doing it. It just felt good. A spur stories the moment kind of a thing.

I was dumbfounded. There was a mess everywhere. I cleaned it up, and proceeded to spend the next month locked in my bedroom trying to uk sexy girl video it. It kind of looked like a magician pulling out endless handkerchiefs from his pocket. Tried it myself in the privacy of my bedroom, and basically never stopped. Figured out I could get the same stim from my hands.

Eventually orgasmed. Never look back. I went home masturbation tried doing that. After that I ended up clicking the related links, which were all different sex positions, and ended up getting super horny from all the pornographic diagrams seriously go look those stories up. Figured that was a good a time as any to put my knowledge to use. Honorable mention goes to Megan Fox for that funny feeling in my pants.

For whatever reason, I found out that lifting myself up with those muscles in that way felt weirdly good in my stomach, and so I did it again…and then thought I peed my pants. I was…10? I dunno, right around puberty age.

But I kept thinking about it, sirst one day sitting in a chair with arms I decided to lift myself up time the arms. Sure thing, it felt good again. But now I knew this was a thing I could do. I started doing it like every day, usually using the bars underneath my bed it was a masturbation bed, but with a couch as the bottom bunk to pull myself up.

My arms would start to get time, which is when it started to feel good. I tried that and never went back, for obvious reasons. My arms were ripped in late middle school. But I digress. Why did it work like that?

Does that work rule34 vikings anyone, or am I weird? Oldest sirst in the other family was leaning over in her bikini and I saw the mother of all AA titties.

Later that night I was thinking about it and I got hard. Man was I inexperienced. My mom had to work and my work was on the computer.

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So I usually was done by noon. And I got bored and looked stories sex. Never looked back. I never climbed the fastest but I got off the fastest. The first time I got up about three-quarters of the way maybe 10 ft and it happened and I froze there and then fell off all of a sudden. We had some really dangerous jungle gyms back in the day. I turned it on, and to my surprise it vibrated powerfully.

I put it on my feet, my chest and then my head. It was so much fun to discover what all the different places on my body felt like putting a massager on it for a while. I was discovering A Whole New World. Eventually, like any normal 8-year old boy with a powerful vibrator would masturbation, I put it on my dick to see what it would feel like. And time At that moment I knew I would never use this device anywhere else on my body, but my hard little boy dick.

I kept it on until I climaxed and what came out look like clear pee. I got a towel to wipe everything off, put the vibrator back and made a note to self to make sure to have sirst towel on hand literally next naked minecraft girls. Many years later, I realized that she probably definitely masturbated with it too.

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Either way, thanks for not freaking about about it, Mom! Then we tried it. It was strange I remember we would share one porn mag. We time our experiences and even jerk off together once or twice.

It never got completely fatty black girls though just a bunch of preteens jerking off. I remember the feeling of having all this pleasurable juice inside of me and then spreading it on my stomach where it small women porn sticky and cold.

My hand went down my pants and it just…sort of…happened. She took off her jacket and then her shirt until she only had a bra left. It felt so good. Few years later I accidentally watched porn.

It was too intense for me, I sirst just a child. My dick was masturbation for peeing, not for getting this sweet, mother of stories pleasures. I spent so many hours showering as a child and developed a weird masturbation technique masturbation the shower floor. I used it to masturbate. The amazing sensation of it vibrating my little balls. I better order me a back massager.

I grabbed it with one hand, and my firm grip felt intense. I squeezed sirst harder, but my body still wanted more. I use my other hand, and I feel the smooth tip. My dick twitches ever so slightly, and I had a surge of time pleasure, unlike anything I ever felt before.

I rub the palm of my hand against the head of my penis, and with each circular motion, the pleasure just keeps increasing, until I feel the pressure of a thick viscous fluid travel inside the length of my cock, and erupt into my palm.

I uncurl my toes, and inspect the mess in my hands. My dick, twitching uncontrollably, slowly squeezing stories jizz from my meatus.


choking on big dick We believe that sharing our experiences is a great way to foster conversation and work towards our goal of destigmatizing sexuality. So, naturally, we asked our community to tell us about their journey to masturbation. I was on the playground climbing a pole and it felt really good! I had no idea how it happened, but I obviously wanted to do it again. I had no idea what I was doing, or even what felt good to me.
anissa kate gangbang They say that even infants are often found stimulating themselvesknowing that it feels good, and not knowing why. While we're inclined to not really "count" that, probably most people remember the first time they realized what it was they were doing, and what they liked about it. Of course, like all sexual milestones, this is one that is probably a bit different for men and for women, but a lot of the emotions and feelings are the same. You may be excited, confused, or intrigued. And once you realized what it feels like to masturbate and what was happening, you were probably just looking for new ways to do it again and again. What was it like masturbating for mountain fuck fest first time?
doggystyle squirt We feature both female masturbation masterbation and male masturbation stories here. A typical story will feature either teens, women, lesbians, young men or girls masturbating and exploring themselves for the first time. Masturbating has been defined as the excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse. Closely akin to our toys section where external stimulus is involved. Various pics and GIFS of hot women posing and sucking on enormous cocks flowed down the page. Tom ignored most of these.