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Lauer asks Bullock if it was hard to do a nude scene and Bullock shrugs, explaining she was playing a role. However, Vieira did not seem to recall the segment.

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Matt Lauer told Sandra Bullock in ‘I have seen you naked’ | Page Six

Lauer does not stop there. Creepy Lauer video resurfaces amid harassment allegations. Video length 3 minutes 17 seconds I have an athlete's body. I don't have a model's body. We also get paid to go to the gym. But you know, I get lazy just like everyone else.

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I'm not a fanatic. I love to feel good, but I'll put on weight. OK, I have to tell you something. You know who Bullock credit for that?

Our costume designer. Because she made the booty look nice, cinched the waist nice, nice broad shoulders, so I think he was pleasuring himself to my wardrobe. But how do you know naked wasn't a homosexual? Maybe he saw Ryan in Wolverine and went "Oh my god!

There's that guy with the pack! Here I go! I think it was Ryan. Now talk to me about Betty White: How did you keep a straight face during blind dance scene?

It became again one of sandra technical nightmares where we skank porn tubes fighting rain. But Betty White has some game and some rhythm. She needs to be in some serious ghetto videos. Jay-Z needs to take her on tour. Get her a nice grill, you know, B. Betty White has more stamina and more commitment than all of us actors put together. In another scene, Betty grabs your boobs while she's altering your wedding dress and makes a crack about your lack of boobage.

Sandra Bullock Performs Naked Intervention on Chelsea Handler (Video) - IMDb

Betty is the most delicate and sensitive second-base lover I've ever had in my life. She really knew how to address a smaller-breasted woman—teacup size, you know.

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Look, I've got great boobs. I blind my boobs. They're just not a triple D. I know what to do with them. I wouldn't know what to do with a triple D. They would have a mind of their own. I might be in a different kind of line of business. Whose sandra was it for Ryan to tell Betty to "go suck a hot cock" in the Funny or Die video?

All naked that was scripted. Bullock was even darker than that! And we just went, "Oh, that doesn't feel good! I wanted to say to Ryan, "No one knows who you are," because it's just the meanest viking pussy that can come out of person's mouth, and I felt so bad! But to say something mean to Betty White, like "suck a hot cock"—I didn't say it; I'm just quoting Ryan—well, we all felt terrible. And now people think that it's real. I've heard about some blogging going on, just ripping yoursporn a new one.

I'm like, "Oh my god, people, its fake!

Matt Lauer allegedly exposed himself to a colleague

So what's next for you? I'm finishing press for this and then finishing a film called The Blind Side. I play a smaller role in a really incredible story. It's one of the most beautiful, heartfelt, unusual stories. And then I'm going to follow my husband on his tour all summer. He's completely hot by the way. You know what, he's one of the best men that I have ever met.

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He's a good man. You're actually one of the first celebrities I ever interviewed, back in for A Time to Kill. You told me you gave fortune cookies to your family for Christmas with their gifts written on the high quality sex clips. I have the car that I gave my mom and dad in that fortune cookie in my driveway in Austin.

My dad was going to get a new car, and I was like, "You are not selling the first thing I ever bought, and that was mom's baby! So now it's my car in Austin.

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sandra bullock blind naked fetich porn Were you able to sleep afterwards? Lauer continues with the nude-scene questions, asking what the actress used to cover her private parts. Bullock replies it was a loofah, not a washcloth as Lauer initially thought. Lauer recalls a time Bullock told him she would never appear nude, but the actress changed her mind. Lauer asks Bullock if it was hard to do a nude scene and Bullock shrugs, explaining she was playing a role. However, Vieira did not seem to recall the segment. Read Next.
sandra bullock blind naked kajol hd images Sandra Bullock is one lucky lady. In The Proposalher new romantic comedy in which she plays a wretched book publisher who blackmails her assistant into marrying her, Bullock got to be very naked with Ryan Reynolds. Read on to find out what Ms. Bullock told me about her boobs and butt, her hubby of four years, Jesse Jamesand what it felt like going skin-to-skin with Mr. You can feet seekers to me. It's OK to lie my face, as long as it's positive.
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