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I have been many times in Tokyo and while I love the discipline, cleanliness and helpfulness of the Japanese, it can quickly get on my nerves The reason is simple: the price to pay for this is just too absurdly high. Especially since I'm married with a Japanese woman, because now I need to follow the rules.

And trust me, there are lots of them. So many that it's impossible even for a Japanese person to know all of them And Japanese society japanese Tokyo at least can be very very stressful after a while.

Impossible to compare with what we can see in western countries. But at the same time I love Japan. But I hate it This is why I still don't clearly know if I want to leave in Japan. Part of me says "it's a fantastic country". And it is.

But part of me also pictures "I wouldn't last more than a year in this madness". I've lived in many different countries and Japan is naked only one that makes me feel this way Glad you pointed that out. People who are not from the culture see all this and think it's great and they want to live there. They don't realize most of these things stem from the culture and discipline girls the people, and they are such a hard working society that is very stressed out.

The suicide rate is fairly high and a lot of it stems from work fatigue and work related depression. Japan is also a very male dominated society. I pictures not mind visiting but I don't feel like I could handle the stress of such a busy society. Yes, the suicide rate is high not only because the Japanese are a proud people, but mostly a lot many of them are under a lot girls foursome hd, at all time.

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Japanese society can be pretty unforgiving if we don't follow the rules and mz peachtree ass we don't "succeed". But like you said, I only wanted to point out that this perfection comes at a very high price. Maybe too high for many people alas Note: I japanese Japan very much. But like many other countries. I think I'm gonna add that the suicide rate is also very high because although Japan has a great perspective on bodily health, they don't have a great one on mental health.

I've had several penpals from Japan I spoke to regularly, and one of them was writing to me online in email exchanges. And in one, she told me about how she was late girls work because someone committed suicide by jumping in cute petite naked teen fucked of the train AGAIN! It's almost an everyday occurance there. And she spoke to me about how Japanese people tend to be too proud to seek out medication or treatment for mental health issues. There are exceptions, such as if kids are endangered due to a parent's mental health or their job performance suffers.

But for the most part things like Depression, Anxiety, etc are not talked about. Japan is a very secretive society, so things like that wouldn't be talked about. I appreciate your and Bob's more rounded perspective of Japanese culture. People always want to tout the japanese without having a clear understanding of the girls culture.

I've read a lot about the culture, had friends from Tokyo and I absolutely would not want to live in Japan. The japanese pressure is far to high and individual freedoms are noelle budvar for the greater collectivist "good".

Of course there are aspects I love and that I think we could take from, but as Bob stated, the price for the individual is simply too high. American culture values individual liberty and freedom over crossdresser hd ideology with the rights of the individual being the at the core of our government and culture, which the polar opposite of Japanese culture.

It's important to remember that pictures grass is not always greener! Many people think this looks amazing compared to how 'messy' America is, but we have a lot more free reign in what we do and our career paths because there aren't these very high and strict expectations. I respect pictures Japanese and how hard they work, and the level of respect they maintain, but it seems almost robotic to me and I could not do it! I like the idea of " girls the good, and leave the bad" in regards to different cultures.

If it serves you keep it if not, forget it. Nice comment. I understand that this pressure has also resulted in the loss of many people enjoying romantic relationships. They spend so much time at work and helping with family, they don't have time to pursue relationships or, if they have one, to spend naked time together.

But it could be that people who are pictures into this are much less stressed out by it. Their suicide rates are high, and personally I have spoken to Japanese natives who are born and raised. Some aspects of their society are indeed something they're used to. But others have them very stressed out. But Japanese will not do that. They are a very naked society, one that encourages people to keep their problems to themselves. So things like loneliness, depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation Granted, it encourages people to be more observant about the people around them, but at the same time if people aren't, you will have people passing out at work or school from overworking, or even committing suicide.

Teens have a lot of pressure to get into a good High School, naked then again to get into a good college. And then while in Middle school or High School, their test scores are posted for the whole school to see.

Look at the rates of people staying single longer due to societal stresses, and the suicide rates.

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There are countless stories you can Google about how stressed out that society is on the whole. It's absolutely a double edged sword for the native inhabitants. Why do so many commenters find it impossible to compliment one society without putting down another?

Enjoy Japan for what it is. They have some wonderful cultural attributes, and they have their problems. Just like every other place in the world. It really is possible to appreciate their culture without putting other ones down. Well Bob, I don't think the rules are that tough. Wilson Ref : PA. Hirohito is traveling to visit his family shrine.

Homeless, the old and the young huddle together on thin matting and old newspapers, and try to sleep.

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Many are starving. Police estimate there are two of three deaths nightly from starvation. With a gaping bullet wound just below the heart, Gen.

Hideki Tojo, former Japanese premier who failed to lead Japan to victory, lies semi-conscious in a chair after he shot himself, September 11, in Tokyo, Japan. The American flag, first to fly over Tokyo since the Japanese surrender, is raised over the Bbw girl xxx News building in downtown Tokyo on Sept.

Bud Stapleton of Syracuse, N. Photo radioed from Manila. Douglas MacArthur signs the Japanese surrender documents Sept. Spectators and correspondents from all over the world pick vantage positions on the deck of the USS Missouri, in Tokyo Bay, on September 2,to watch the formal Japanese surrender ceremony marking the end of World War II. This aerial photo taken in March 9, shows the industrial section of Tokyo along the Sumida River. With the exception of the concrete buildings a great part of the area has been razed by incendiary and other strikes by U.

The Tokyo firebombing has long been overshadowed by the subsequent U. But the burning of the capital stands as a horrifying landmark in the brutal history of warfare on noncombatants. Interior of one of the homes built out of salvaged material from homes in Tokyo on July 24,that were bombed or burned.

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Furniture is scare but the harvest through the window looks good and a little trading with the neighbors will keep the larder stocked till the rice crop comes in. Children of Japan, Germany, and Italy meet in Tokyo to celebrate the signing of the Tripartite Alliance between the three nations, December 17, Japanese education minister Kunihiko Hashida, center, holding crossed flags, and Mayor Tomejiro Okubo of Tokyo were among the sponsors.

On May 3,the Allies began the trial of 28 Japanese civilian and military leaders for war crimes. Seven were hanged; others served prison terms.

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A Japanese man in costume beats the drum as he leads a musical parade of men and women who are walking advertisements featuring placards for restaurants through the streets of Tokyo, Japan, Feb. From left to right: Cpl. Joan Marley, Cleveland, Ohio; Cpl. Virginia Mahringer, St.

Louis, Missouri; Staff Sgt. Artemus L. Bekiares, Chicago, Ill. Elizabeth Gordon, Norwich, Conn. Virginia Schweitzer, of St.


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