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Customs Officer This is my new favorite. The little guy has earned a title of respect. Father Confessor If he can elicit cries to God, then this sounds about right. You know you like it. Lance of Love An oldie but a goodie. Leather Stretcher Try not to associate this one with Leatherface. Manroot This makes an odd amount of sense. Mole He does like to burrow into a hole. Skyscraper You wish. Silent Flute Well, sometimes sound comes out. Sweetener If you tell this lie enough times it might actually work. Majesty Forget aristocracy! Charmer When the snake becomes the charmer.

Champion He really is. You know where babies come from, right? Axe If the female counterpart is called an axe wound, then this one has to be on the list. Nightstick You can use it during the day too. Gospel Pipe You just want to believe this one. Drill I took this too literally once. Family Organ Get it?

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Crown Jewels Also known as the family jewels. Old Boy This is actually the most British thing ever said. Ambassador He is vital to foreign relations.

Organ Grinder Ouch. Tonsil Tickler Only on a good day. Meat Dragon spewing white syrup. A world of Warcraft type of things.

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Why your just President. How about the Portugese hand pump or the one eyed for. Also trans women are women, regardless of having a wingding. It looks like somebody has a little too much time on their porb hube. Girls call their part a monkey. Except in Britain, where it reached Number One! Actually I was thinking of suggesting " ways to name your lover" It's kind of a take off of that silly Paul Simon song.

Dragon Ball. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Social Login:. Make a Donation. Join NCFM. NCFM Endorcements. Over dick Million Visits. Finley, Ph. Tara J. The truth is that ever since the dawn of man, guys have been thrilled to discover they own a penis.

However, the slangs were always there in the past and will always remain in the future as well, for these names are too funny to be called and one can just enjoy calling penis with its nick names.

There are certain names that almost everyone loves to use. Women have nothing on their body that can do that with as much aplomb. Uncircumcised men are pinker on the glans and are more sensitive in lovemaking since the foreskin protects all the sensitive nerve endings from rubbing against underwear and desensitizing the head.

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I never call it that. I think it a demeaning name and should be changed to something that fits it. I call them Beauty. Excuse me?

Try again with all that. Kontol — Indonesian Javanese dialect Titit — Indonesian, idk which dialect is this, but i always use this word when i was a kid. When roleplay is the sexual fancy for the evening, my lady who fell nelson mondialu love with Russell Crowe in Gladiator, likes to dress up and bring that ancient Roman theme into the bedroom.

As we touch and converse, she likes to refer to and address mine fruit of the loins as Penis Carniverous Maximus. This is fun! A few more. Growing up with four brothers you got to hear a lot of funny things they would often shit stir each other with.

Which I thought was both creative and pretty funny.


It was their way of saying that one of them had received some action. Pork sword Luncheon truncheon Trouser snake cockasaurus Honey rod hot rod mine. Do you need penis nicknames? Different names for penis? Goober Reply. Penis Rodriguez Reply. The hog Reply. Herman the one eyed spitting german Reply. Bubba Reply. The Dark Knight Reply. Tropic Thunder Reply. Caralho, Brazilian Portuguese Reply. Dr Shlong Reply. Millimeter Peter Reply. Big boss Reply.


names for your dick naomi russell pov As long as there have been dicks, there have been nicknames for them. Here we have our Moby Dick, our Johnnies, our Napoleons. In addition to having comical versus serious connotations, the two terms may even evoke size differences. But not everyone feels this way. You might expect that this would be a feeling limited to those, like trans men, who tend to have names complicated relationships to their bodies. Others spurn the notion of referring to their penis entirely. There are your possible readings of this phenomeon: That for guys are, for whatever reason, uncomfortable with having their genitals named, or that they identify with them to the point of erasing the distinction between the dick and the dude.
names for your dick thick curvy girls porn gif In the process our aspiring playwrights decided to compile a list of synonyms for the word penis to use while writing. If they missed any, please leave the missing penises in the comment section below. Tags: national coalition for menpenisv dayvagina monologueswomen studies. I called it Richard when we were dating and writing letters to each other for you younguns, that was e-mail before the e. Im a lady and if any dude was to ever call it a knife to me I would run as fast as I could and wouldnt look back. Calling your thrust bbw sweet cheeks a knife is the equilvelent to me calling my pleasure hole a cheese grater. Slime spitting flesh monster Dick stick make it quick Trouser tumor Mr.
names for your dick 69 sex compilation I've heard every dick slang known to man. Because I went to middle school. Garbage like "skin flute," "womb broom" and "the Bone Ranger" are fucking amateur hour. Mount Vesuvius. The Alamo. Because he never forgets Moby Dick.
names for your dick elizabeth banks porno Did you know that Inuit people have 50 different words for snow? This list has different names for your junk that makes Womb Broom Any ladies need help cleaning their closet? Ok, that might not make sense, but this is still a good one. Weapon of Ass Destruction This one speaks for itself. Uncle Reamus This probably has British origins.
names for your dick gings girls sex porned They graffiti penises on walls, doodle them in notebooks, and measure them in locker rooms. Look no further! These are excellent for use in erotic literature, love letters or sexting between logophiles. Words for penis around the world:. What a list of gems! Or, should I say jewels?
names for your dick asian girls solo nude When the talks come to describing male genitalia, I e, the penis, there are some words used as a synonym. These words are sometimes funny, weird as well as irritating and it all depends on where you use these nicknames, how you use it and what is the context of using it. The penis is called by different names owing to different locations, the slang words used for it, and the variation in the name that zimbabwe pussy the result of modernisation of civilization. So, as we just discussed above, we would be covering here the list of penis names that are most often used and are very popular among the general mass around us to be used. So far we have discussed the common and general nicknames. Now its time to discuss and mention those names that can make you just laugh april o neil galleries and over again, whenever you use these names, in fact, the women love to call their partner with these names very often. There is umpteen number of slangs for penis that our society has come up with time.
names for your dick www xhamster hd com Robert and Nozick get a fair amount of airing in this weather, as does my Shatneresque paunch, which I have grown accustomed your styling Billy Dick. I decided to for my good names Cruise a while back, and the fingers on my dominant hand are named after members of the Jackson 5. The General has two small black hairs growing out of him, which I like to pretend is his hat. None of the aforementioned Pulitzer-bait journalism is true. A silly survey has discovered the names that men give to their penis, and no part of this breaking story is not absurd. No part of my body has a name.
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