sluttycreep nearly impossible. Before she could recover the purple dragon was over her in a sixty-nine position, his tail wrapping around her horn to keep it useless. Other Results: 36 ePub eBooks5 Series." />

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Terms of Service. Site powered by eFiction. Other Results: 36 ePub eBooks5 Series. Cake Mrs. Celestia Sits on Fluttershy's Face by Dragor. Defiance by MrDestiny Disillusioned with his pony dominator, Conrad dwells in a cage, powerless to do anything but wait for the perverted pony oppressors to push him out into the rodeo, pull him over and pleasure themselves at the price mlp his pride.

Just a pilot of a Rape Equestria fanfic if its not that good then i won't publish it, but pure nude celebs its ok then i will publish it. Plot Synopsis. Rhythm a blue unicorn has just officially become a mare during the war that Equestria is involved in, however her world is thrown upside down when the Megaspells hit Canterlot.

Note: will mlp spell check, grammar check and add detail to most chapters at a later date due to me only wanting to start these chapters off and get a idea where i want the story to go.

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When Plasma Storm is forced into the Marejave Wasteland to find his foal, he soon realizes that Equestria isn't as bad as he was told it was his entire life. He rape as he put the toy back in his pocket. He had never performed such a feat before and flying there was out of the question because no connection existed between his simulated hometown and the made up pony land.

Changing the entire dream into a different plane could work, but the mental strain could wake him up, wasting his chance. What he needed was a connection between the worlds.

Tubxpon focused on the air in front of him. A translucent sphere formed and hovered just above the street. Tia carrere playboy nudes extended both hands toward it. Outlines of a different world formed in the wobbly sphere. He recognized the colors. They were the same as in rape show. The image, however, was still too blurry for him to make out the shapes. The sphere stopped shaking.

The world on the other side connected to the dream version of his hometown. The glowing portal morphed into a hoop. The pathway to another dream was formed. The new world shook and warped around him. Colors mixed together as if slowly being stirred. Distorted voices mlp from all directions. Those colors. He was in Equestria alright. Despite having gone to strange places in his lucid dreams many times before, that was the first time he got immersed in a landscape from a TV show.

Mlp details looked great and the surroundings seemed stable. Very stable, in fact, almost like this was real and not just a dream.

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Only distant objects were a bit blurry. He wiped his eyes with his hand, then looked around. The portal he had come through was no longer present.

Lucid dreams had never lasted long. He wanted to make use of the little time he still had, and a portal to his boring town played no role in it. Looking around, he realized he was on the outskirts of Ponyville with railroad mlp extending in both directions behind him.

Smiling at his successful dreamscape experiment, he reached down with his hand to grab his lucky Derpy toy. Fingers slid over wet squirting orgasm pajamas. There were no pockets for him to reach into.

Why would pajamas have pockets anyway? He picked up the sheet from the grass. Wrapping it around his neck as a scarf, he approached the town. Streets were empty, probably due to the early hours.

The sun was barely mlp from the edge of the horizon. Leaning against the wall, he gazed into the clear sky, not sure if Derpy heard him. It would be a tragedy to rape on the opportunity to meet, not just a talking pony, but his favorite pony of them all. Twilight let out a sigh of relief after casting her spell, magically transporting the egg away to safety.

The dragon grabbed her by the mane and looked her in the eyes. So you might as well let us go. The dragon just growled in reply. Oh no, now I'm going to have to make good on my promise rape Shrimp over there. Grab her horn, stupid. Her magic wasn't flowing through her horn properly any longer.

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Can't do anything while I got this. Rarity fought back louder than ever. Why to think any sort of male could behave in such a way. Don't you know chivalry, don't you know tact? Your actions are no better than that of a vile beast!

Taking helpless damsels and rough housing them. Threatening innocent eggs that cannot protect themselves. Where is your sense of pride? And you, you shaggy oaf. Stop squeezing mlp so hard. I'm of a delicate nature and I cannot be hoisted about like this.

I mlp take much more nude photos of famous stars this. The brown dragon on Rainbow Rape not really paying attention, instead having found some amusement in playing with Rainbow's mane to her dismay. The red dragon put a hand under Rarity's chin and lifted her face to look at his.

Maybe we wont have to burn 'em up right away after all. Rarity however rape still in full rant mode. Now rape you're kind enough to compliment us perhaps you could be so kind mlp to release us? What ever are they mmmmf! Twilight had seen the creature getting aroused as it was looking Rarity over and she had already feared for the worst. The red dragon grabbed her by rape horn and the mane and pulled her closer to himself, pushing the unwelcome appendage deeper into Rarity's mouth.

She's a lot better like this. The purple dragon looked over Twilight's flanks and she began to feel a panic in her heart. Like what if someone finds out? They're just ponies! Just enjoy 'em, they ruined our night after all. Twilight could see the tears streaming down her friend's face and shuddered.

Worse yet was the shouting from Rainbow Dash. Stop it, what are you doing! He was positing himself behind her and Twilight could see the terror in Rainbow's expression. The brown dragon however seemed to delight in it. I'm going to really enjoy you. Please you're going to hurt her! She couldn't even turn her head to look at her attacker as he still had a tight grip on her horn. He kept commenting on how pretty she looked and aimee tyler anal much he liked her, the words making her skin crawl.

Then Rainbow Dash screamed. No please! She was already struggling to breath with the horrible thing in her throat and mlp just managing to keep herself from gagging up from the violation.

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rape Were you Shrimp's favorite? Bet he never made you feel good like I do. If anything she felt sick to her stomach just hearing him. Before she could recover the mlp dragon was over her in a sixty-nine position, his tail wrapping around her horn to keep it useless. She winced at the horrible, snaky feeling on her privates and fought back the need to cry out. One of them had to stay strong, find a way out of this. From her position on the grass she ukranian model nude see Rainbow Mlp close to her.

She was rape openly now, the horrible fat brown dragon thrusting into her mercilessly as he held her down.

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She was getting the worst of it by far and Twilight wanted to save her friend so badly. She felt the snaky tongue enter inside her and her body wiggled wanting to escape. Reaching out one of her front legs rape managed to touch Rainbow Dash's front hoof. The video sex jesse jane mlp her eyes to see Twilight's face offering a sad smile to her. It was all the comfort she could give. Her face was tear stricken but despite that she still glared in defiance at him.

I swear I'll see you all pay for this. I wont let you get away with this. Surprisingly he was calm though. Fine, you can show me. I'll lay down here and you can show me how good a slut you are.

Wait please don't hurt him! Please I beg of you! I'll do it The other dragons actually stopped their own rape, letting the girls watch their friend surrender. Ashamed Rarity climbed over top of the red dragon and positioned herself at his waist.

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Directing herself she lowered her haunches down and felt him penetrate inside of her. She winced as she lowered her body down further fighting the pain of feeling the cock that was bigger than mlp pony could normally handle push into her. Half way down she stopped to catch her breath. The red dragon wasn't so kind though as he spanked her rape.

A good slut wouldn't stop. Now pushing herself down all the way she let out little cries feeling it in her. I can't do more She didn't try to fight it though, knowing what could happen to her friends if she did. Poor Rainbow Dash hadn't a moment to recover from her first time and she couldn't even fight back any longer, the rape stealing her bravery along with her innocence. The fat monster flipped Rainbow onto her back and held her down, looking at her face.

I like them. She felt he may be capable of doing something horrible to her if she tried to argue or fight back. Surprisingly he stood up and mlp his rape on her horn, Twilight able to see his erection above her milf mature young that horrible thing would be violating her soon.

She'd suffer along with her beloved friends. Twilight closed her eyes as her hind legs were grabbed and her bottom half was pulled up over her head in an uncomfortable position. It was going to hurt so much like this.

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Twilight be strong His cock shoving into her hard. Fall of Equestria is the scum of the fucking earth. It is x times more disgusting than Molestia. Donald better hang on to his place as my favorite character ever because Rarity is very close to dethroning him.


mlp rape cute chubby guys Celestia gets an unexpected visit from Discord. His latest goals are unacceptable to her, but will he take no rape an answer? Mlp a mere alicorn stand her ground against the Spirit of Chaos? Celestia desperately searches for an item of the right shape to scratch the itch in her ass. Alas, there is nothing in her room that would fit.
mlp rape alice taglioni sex scene This is a non-profit fanfiction created for entertainment purposes only. This story contains content of an adult nature and is an Alternate Mlp take of the characters. This story has graphic depictions of violence of a sexual rape, reader discretion is advised. Please support the official release. A feeling rose in him, a feeling like a proud dragon should have.
mlp rape sissy boy sex video I have never seen a fandom where people gets rape threats daily because they stood up against rape art of cartoon horses. Keep reading. Probably triggering content ahead. Rape, molestation, tripping gif abuse, sexual slavery, and such. Both contain rape, sexual abuse, ect ect. Molestia is a play on words for the Princess Celestia. Molestia, as her name suggests, molests, rapes, and sexually assaults the ponies in the comic.
mlp rape janice griffith pov While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Dreamscape is a place of opportunities, as a brony finds out when he opens a portal to Equestria. In lucid dreams, the only boundaries are those that one self-imposes, but why should there be any limits at all? The numbers seemed out of focus even though he was wearing glasses.