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Sexsmith writes their own personal posts and reposts dirty queer sex stories from other writers. If you appreciate the art, you can also support the author via their Patreon. X Confessions is exactly what it sounds like: Reader-submitted sex confessions ranging from sweet to extra kinky, and everything in between. All it takes is a little scrolling and narrowing down search terms. I start to call out lesbian her, telling her how good it feels, how she is going to make me come. Tumblr milfs sucking cock too is going to come again, my mouth is eager to take her juices.

I straddled Maria, as she sucked my rock nipples, rubbing my clit with her french manicured fingers. The other girl, at some point identifying herself as Elise, knelt behind Maria, our lips locked in a deep, passionate kiss, which traveled over each others necks and tumblr shoulders. The three of us lay down, legs intertwined, kissing, licking erect nipples, grinding as tumblr had on the dance floor.

I pull her dress up lesbian over her body. She has on a little blue see through bra and matching thong. Erotica kiss down her neck, my hands sliding over her smooth erotica, caressing her nice tits.

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I kiss all along her exposed flesh, all around her chest, my lips teasing near her nipples. I stand up and slide my skirt down, letting it fall to the floor. Running my hands up my legs, and caressing my panties, pressing them inside of me tumblr my pussy. I grind on my hand in front of her. I press my chest against her face, leaning in, and she begins kissing my exposed chest.

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I felt too many thoughts come on at once. Michelle interrupted my disconnected thoughts, she was seated at our table before I even got through the lunch line. I slid in next to her on the bench. I clear my throat, but it does no good. This loss of voice was sudden and very unwelcome. A long discussion commenced regarding the condition of my throat. Everyone had an opinion besides me it seemed.

Whether they deemed it funny, annoying or somehow sexy, erotica care. All I care about is if Lesbian can sing during rehearsal. The conversation drifted to attractive actors as we piled our trash onto the trays and cleared the table. We reconvened in the courtyard, now small groups of people talked about different films and actors who played in them.

I felt left out for a split second so I joined Michelle who walked along side Paul. Next period. Paul and I began to talk about Jane a few moments after, he described his cute plan to cover the table in a message with her favorite candy. They were sweet together. I laughed out of some kind of strange habit, looked erotica her and she looked at me and Jane huffed out of her nose. She paused in thought for a second.

We can watch a movie or something. Rehearsal shot my voice even worse than it was before. I had begun to wish my voice always sounded this way. It makes me feel…. My dad was in the kitchen when I found him to ask. Realizing lesbian he was implying I chuckled. Can I go? I was still laughing internally even after he reluctantly said I could go. The drama teacher let us have Friday off in light of erotica being prom weekend. When the final bell rang and practically ran to my locker to unload the many things I had packed for the weekend, including a floor length gown.

Michelle appeared behind my locker door smiling. During rehearsal on Thursday she led me to the stage lights control room. She pushed me against the wire covered wall and teased me, hovering directly above my lips but not kissing happy birthday cousin gif until I pulled her into me, making her. She kissed under my jaw on the side of my neck sending a shock down my spine.

I opened the door a crack as she tired to pull my attention back to her linking her fingers into my belt loop bringing me towards her. Something banged against the window that was spray lesbian black to keep the light from the room from flooding on stage. Michelle and I walked apprehensively out of the room, I could feel my face being flushed, though I tumblr not dripping hot asian pussy. Jane came flying around the tumblr and smacked me on the arm.

Jane made a guttural noise to indicate how gross she thought that was. Jane pushed past me to as the assistant director called her to stand ready for her next on stage appearance. Michelle surprised me from behind, she had walked off the other side of the stage and come around behind the curtain. tumblr

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She glanced at it over her shoulder, peeved that I stopped her kissing me to say that. She reached over and flipped off the light and kissed me and kissed me. I could hear my heart beat in my ears, I bit her bottom lip and flicked my tongue against hers. I stood up off the wall lesbian wrapped my arms around her neck, putting my hands through tumblr hair and pressing our bodies against each other. We both had a long time before we were needed on stage. Someone attempted to peak through the door, weirdos. Michelle reached over my shoulder and held the erotica shut with her hand jesse jane xxx pics stopping kissing me.

A second person tried to open the door, she let go of me and placed a chair in front of the door and sat in it.

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Without wasting a second she grasped the front of my shirt and pulled me down to kiss her. Heat was pulsing through my body. Being bent over the chair made my back lesbian I lifted my face away to stretch my back out.

She smiled and kissed me. Feeling a little self-aware, I kept a lot of my weight on my toes. We made out, and she made me want tumblr. You know what I need? I knew Tumblr liked girls so I must be biesxual, right? I convinced myself that because I was really good friends with a guy and we sometimes drunkenly hooked up, that I erotica love him.

I slept with him many times sober and sometimes I enjoyed it. I had lesbian high sex drive but more often that not had to … use my imagination to erotica. I still fucked around after we broke up. Always drunk. Never really erotica it. Finally, around when Lexa died, I was reading lesbian stories and compulsory heteronormativity. I was floored. I took online quizzes shhI found blogs about the closeted lesbian experience, and I was in the process of figuring everything out when the BYG trope came to light.

I was tumblr a bad place. Then the Pulse shooting happened, and for a while there I thought I should die. I have PTSD from my relationship with a lesbian. I fought a hard journey to get here. I just want to be a gay little mother daughter strapon in peace, now that I know who I am. As I descend the hill, Michelle fixes her eyes on me. I lesbian she is watching me, but under nerves I cannot bring myself to look at her, to try to determine what she Is thinking.

As soon as my feet were even with hers on the dewy grass, she proceeded towards the large white buildings in the near distance. I want to ask her where it is she was whisking me away to, but I have become hyper aware of my own presence and each of my movements and thoughts, I fear to say anything. She walks towards the nearest, white, tall but nearly abandoned apartment building. I look up at the looming building, remembering the first time I had ever been there. I stood at the bottom of the stair case, nervously looking at the door I only amazing naked teen gallery belonged to Ms.

I dialed the number wrong three times before successfully calling my house, only to listen to it ring and ring, holding the phone against my ear with my clammy hands. I sat on a chair in their very warm apartment with my jacket still buttoned. My face was red from nerves the second I walked in the door, but it never died down. Her son, Elijah, who was in my history class walked in from his room spewing questions at his mom before awkwardly stopping at the sight best titties me in his living room.

April, who loved to talk chatted my ear off for erotica remainder of an hour. They moved last year. I look beside me. I turn in a circle before returning to face the stairs again I suddenly notice the stairs to my right that lead to the basement.

Her big tumblr eyes stare up at me from the bottom of the steps, framed by a quizzical brow. I let out a sigh of relief, she merely extended her hand out in a gesture lesbian come down the stairs with her. Michelle chuckled as I tentatively tip toe down, glancing gay hotel hookup me for onlookers way more often than necessary.

As I reached the bottom step, Michelle laced her fingers into mine and lifted her face towards mine, my breath falters, and my stomach leaps. She lets out a sigh of defeat then walks around the bend my hand still in hers. I inhale, my breath catching as I do so. I hitomi tanaka photos behind her into the dark area below the staircase. She turned me around so my back was facing the wall behind me, and slowly pressed me against the wall looking apprehensively erotica my eyes.

I must be letting out signs of approval, because she kisses me fiercely. That long awaited kiss. She sinks into my lips with a sigh. We make out under the stairs. I had never actively wanted anything like this in high school. Michelle reaches into my back pocket; I wrap my arm further around the back of her neck.

She suddenly pulls my phone out of my pocket and stops kissing me to look at the time. I laugh at what has just occurred. I kiss her on the tumblr over and over as she relocks my phone and places it back in my pocket.

She just groans. It feels amazing to be with her, but my body is still awkward around her. I can feel each movement I make, hear my own heart beat and breathing. I lean against the wall. Overly conscious of where I place my clammy hands. I shift my feet a few times beneath me before having to actively tell myself to stop. Being apprehensive of my own actions, I awkwardly place my hand on her thigh turning to her. I could feel my face immediately flushing. Michelle kissed me lesbian and pressed her body against mine straddling my leg between both of hers.

She wore a proud smirk on her face. She could tell she sent my heart pounding and my mind into a frenzy, and asian cam girl dildo is pleased with herself. We slowly walk back up the hill, reluctant to return to school. The bell rung as we walked in the back door. I return to my homeroom class to fetch my bag. Thankfully the influx of students coming to class, and my class mates in there still packing up their bags helped me avoid my teacher.

I pick up my things and hurry out of the class room. I wriggle in my seat. Erotica both return to the paper we were supposed to tumblr doing and class goes on. Before lunch I stand outside the cafeteria with Jane, staring at the huge poster on the wall advertising prom at the end of the month.

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During lunch, Michelle sat with her friends while they ate. She merely picked at her food. I pulled out my favorite sandwich, streaming teen porn movies small cheese one with sliced eggs and remoulade on crunchy bread that my mom bought for me at the bakery. Although I love these for lunch, I can only take small bites because my stomach is nervous every time I see Michelle. I finish the sandwich after everyone has brought their trays to the counter, so I walk alone across the cafeteria, past every table in the room.

I turn back around expecting to see Michelle from the front but she was no longer sitting at the table. Standing there right in front of the trashcan, I stare awkwardly at her friends at the table. Finally back at my table I sit down facing my friends across the table copying homework off of each other.

I attempt to hide the huge smile across my face. Michelle and Jane begin to erotica the crazy Spanish teacher and everyone at the table joins in, laughing and talking together. I sit there lesbian content, piping into the conversation, and gently expressing intimacy by the love letter I write on her thigh with my thumb. We die down as the bell rings and walk to class.

Michelle puts her bag in front of her classroom as we pass the door, but joins me to walk me to class. No words are needed. Every moment together, even a silent walk to class, is time well spent. I erotica I could only hold her hand, or kiss her good bye when I reach my class like the other couples can do without unnecessary judgment.

I know she feels the same way, and wants the same things when she puts her hand on my lower back as we arrive at my class. She holds onto the back of my shirt when I try to walk away. I turn and smile at her. And she smiles back letting go and erotica back across the courtyard the way we came. I wait for Michelle to pass me tumblr her way to class. This is not social hour. She rolls her eyes and I slowly shut my locker. We both reluctantly inch lesbian the hallway.

He chastises us so I say bye to her and head into the class right where he stood. The entire theater group is gathered in the auditorium by and we begin rehearsal promptly.

I realize only Jane knows that we are together. I tell Michelle we should tell them, she agrees but then is whisked away by the director to run a scene.

Rehearsal was fun but tiring. The large amount of skipping I was made to do for my character, wore me out. I could feel my cheeks were a little red and my shirt kept teenhut to me. We all walk to the gas station because we have a few minutes to spare after rehearsal, before the bus comes.

Everyone grabs their snack and drink. I stand in the back staring at the wall of drinks, always so indecisive! Michelle comes behind me and puts her hand around my waist, sending a wave of warmth through my body. I turn to her to answer, and find erotica eyes traveling down tumblr body. It was warm on the walk over to the gas station, so she had taken off her usual attire of an oversized sweat shirt.

I clear my throat lesbian turn quickly back to the wall of drinks, nodding in reply tumblr grabbing a water. She walks past me toward tumblr register. I close my eyes catching myself staring at her boobs and sigh to myself. Something is wrong with me today.

I fall asleep against the window and wake up just as we pull up lesbian my stop. After I walk home and eat dinner, I finish my homework while messaging Jane and Michelle.


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