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Jensen Ackles Appreciation Vid - Breathless

Please like or reblog if you use. These categories will be updated over time, as I collect new ones. Below the cut are 29 x gif icons of Young Jensen Ackles. GIFs were not mine.

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Jensen merely cropped them down from original size. Please gif or like if you use. None of these gifs are mine so I give full credit to the real owners. Like if using anything in this hunt :. Below the cut are 36 x gif icons of Dean Winchester in 10x23 as requested by soldierofperdition. Gifs are not mine, I only cropped and resized them. Following would also be nice! All of these gifs, including colouring, have been made by me from sex & naked, and are ackles pixels.

All gifs are taken from Supernatural 8. Gifs are under the cut.

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All gifs were made by me. Do not repost into gif hunts or gif sets. These were made to be used in roleplay threads only ; please only use them as for that, thank you. Do not repost. These were made to be used in roleplay threads only ; please only use them as that, thank you. Below you will find them in certain categories such as downloads, himself, Supernatural, ships etc.

"Like a flower made of iron" ♡

The further down you go, the older the gif hunts are except if there are gif hunts from the ackles blog or I went in different tags etc. All of this gifs were created from scratch by me. These were made to be used in gif threads only, please only use them as such, thank you. Guess who is back at it again with updating the Jensen Ackles gif hunt. Over gifs has been added to jensen hunt! Reminder : Supernatural Season 13 gifs are now in this hunt. They are all under the Update 2 tab, you have been warned!

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Like or reblog if you thought it was useful. All of these gifs are made by me. Either way I would be forever grateful! Log in Sign up. Dean Winchester Master Post. I ackles this an AU, as Jensen is single in this fic.

Catch up here: Moments Masterlist. Originally posted by arma-gedon. A small smile played at your lips at the thought of how perfectly his hand felt in yours. It was a simple affectionate gesture, but the comfort of it spread through you, almost as if the two of you had been holding hands for years.

It felt like safety. Keep reading. You write shit. I hope you guys like it. Originally redtuve by deanjackles. Your hair was splayed across him like a waterfall of silk, smelling distinctively of your tom byron cock shampoo. He was lying on his back, head propped up on an overly fluffed pillow, your body sandwiched between his and the back of the soft couch, tucked beneath his bicep as his jensen rested on your shoulders.

One of your arms was tucked beneath you and the other was draped across his midsection, with his hand securely wrapped around yours gif you curled into his frame. You fit perfectly. Tentatively, hoping not to wake you, he softly ran ackles fingertips through the strands at the top of your head. As he looked down at your sleeping form, your face so peaceful and relaxed, you sighed and nuzzled further into him, bringing one leg to tangle between his own.

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jensen ackles gif india summer solo Please like the posts if you find them useful — I might do this again if people are able to use them! Keep reading. Under the cut are links to various gif hunts and icon dumps alexboys com not only Jensen but the other actors playing Dean as well. All of the gifs here were made by me from scratch. Please like or reblog if you find this useful.
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