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Reese Witherspoon comes to mind. Remember when she played the hot ditz in Legally Blonde and the promiscuous sister in Pleasantville?

49 Hottest Jennifer Garner Bikini Pictures Show Off Insanely Sexy Ass

Or how hot Jessica Garner Kim Kardashian gets naked more pics as a mom than she lesbian casting call porn has. Of course, Jen is a true artist while Kim K only built her career on body exposure. What is Jennifer leaning on in this shot? The suggestion of a stripper pole is hard to deny.

Here, she is with her bum leaning out and her high heels with her back arching over to maximize the girth of her breasts. This jennifer very far from the Jennifer Garner we see today. Now, all she wants to talk about is raising her kids and how her parenting strategies remind her of her own humble upbringing in West Virginia. Garner also likes to complain about the paparazzi and how much people obsess over her beauty. Well, what did you think was going to happen after you posed for this shot?

Jennifer has a couple of outfits on the list where she is wearing leather. In this piece, it makes her look like some type of dominatrix.

Jennifer Garner: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Besides her glamour role, she is even famous for being an activist who is a strong advocate for early childhood education.

She was married to Scott Foley and then married Ben Affleck in However, in they were divorced and they have three children together.

Jennifer Garner: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Garner was married to Affleck for over ten years, then they filed for divorce. Poor Jen and Ben. Divorce is tough, even for rich people. Yes, this actress certainly used her body just the right way when she starred on the hit show Alias. As porn uh spy, her character took on several identities, all of whom were super hot. Throughout filming, the actress maintained a tough act in real life and insisted on doing her own stunts.

Nowadays, on CGI-heavy shows like Game of Thronesa shot like this one could have easily been body-doubled. But not back in the good old days. That body is all Jennifer. Once again, Jennifer is looking fantastic for a magazine. The western background is a throwback to her Wwwgonzoxxx roots, where she was born. She lived in the Lone Star State for just three years and then moved to West Virginia, where she grew up as the middle sister of three girls.

In college, Garner first studied chemistry her father's profession but she soon switched to being a theater major. She received a ton of training and worked on several professional stages before she moved to Hollywood. May 29, June 20, Thank you to my friends and family for celebrating this crazy dream of a day with me. Thank you to the stars of beautiful ArethaFranklin, zoesaldana and SnowWhite for welcoming me to the neighborhood.

These sexy Jennifer Garner bikini photos will make you wonder how someone so beautiful could exist. Sign in.


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