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I just wanted to say your work is gorgeous. The Surprise comic defines cartoon much of what's sensual and sexy about traps, as well as that wonderful light hearted couple's dynamic going on in it. Adore your work. Hi, I've been a fan of your work for a while now. A incase I've seen on your blog inspired me to write this little story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed cartoon art.

You are one incase the most influential artist to me, thanks for your art!! I love it! When do you stream? Teen bikini on boat you ever do female versions in the alternates anymore? Just a Heads Up.

There are incase Galleries of your Stuff on Xhamster. Let me begin by saying that I absolutely love your artwork, and that I can't believe I didn't start following you earlier. Now that I've buttered you up unsuccessfully, probably, seeing as people say what I said all the time. I'm doing it again. Hey there. Just wanted to leave a little comment here incase how much I love your art. It's just amazing. It's not even my attraction to your characters. It's the color schemes you pick, the settings you draw, the subtle story behind some of the characters.

Just everything about your art. Hell, I'm not a big fan of traps but yours just I've loved watching your evolution as an artist, I love watching your streams, and I check every day for new art.

My two favorite characters that incase done as commissions have to be Kate and the Minotaur Queen. Her shape is glorious and that cock is so beautiful on her. And the Minotaur Queen, Excellia, is just beautiful. So well done. Those luscious tits on her, that glorious hair, and a beautiful form draped in gold.

Wish I was her "young lover", I'd be eternally happy if that happened. But ultimately, I'm in love with your Sin Collection.

Every sin so well done, depicts each sin in an amazing way. I can't wait for commissions to open up again. O looky Lol i cant believe that i just went through your entire gallery, but before i knew it, i was out of pages. It was awesomely inspirational watching your style transform over the years. I love your technique and use of colors. I am new to the hentai genre but you have given me something to look forward to!

As a fellow artist, I wan to know- what program do you use??? Such a lovely style, you have a great feel for colour and lighting! Quite inspirational! What happened to the Hypno picture you had? What pokemon-on-woman mind control do I fap to now? Your colors are so fantastic! Oh damn I'm one of your favorite users D: Well cartoon makes my whole week! You're a champ! Just gotta say, your recent picture of the Mechari from Wildstar is absolutely amazing.

You should definitely consider drawing more characters from incase game! Keep the awesome pics that make incase question every life choice i ever make coming. Is the Peebee comic going to be displayed here as well, or only on prismgirls?

I've been enjoying your art for a while now but I've recently noticed your quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. Question; Is there a way to edit my watch settings?

Hey man thanks a lot for black bisexual fucking creampie favorite! I'm a fan of your work so it means a lot coming from you :. Love porn stars free movies sheboys they are really cute. Your pictures xnxx 18an absolutely amazing!

I think its the way you draw the freckles cartoon noses that makes the girls so damn hot, the one from cheerleader and "good girl" in particular. I love your art! Rarely I see pics as great as yours. Sometimes looking at them makes me want to try some of the stuff you draw I salute you! I get all giddy when you fav my art. I get all giddy when I see your pics. Cartoon make me want to draw traps again :D.

You should! Not enough traps in the world. I want to commission you Cartoon it seems that this is a sentiment shared by quite a few. You, sir, are damn good. InCase of what? Yeah, I think I have to echo the comments below. You are the single artist I want to commission the most, but I have no idea as to how, since I never know when you're open.

Is there a more reliable place to check? Any word when you'll open commissions? Hey InCase! Know you're closed for commissions currently but I was just wondering if you announce when you do open, I've been incase to catch a commission off you for a while but I've never managed to catch you when you're open is all - wondering if I'm looking in the wrong places all the time. Your work is a dead boner. Thanks very much for the fav, much appreciated. Keep rocking! Your stuff is just really good, makes me want to draw more aswell!

I'm a huge fan, i've been stalking your gallery for a while! Thought i'd get that off my chest. Are you sure you are not filtering them out? There is a "edit your profile" button on the upper right corener of your profile page. You can adjust your filters there. You might have the "futa" tag turned off. You would get cartoon notifications about my new pics, but you wouldn't be able to find them in my gallery later. I incase you should post on the forums in the general help section.

Seems like you are having some serious problems. Just a random thought: try changing cartoon much thumbnails you are displaying on one gallery page.

(Incase) Short femboy comic - 10 Pics -

InCase, you are a god of what you do. So all I want to say is thanks for doing it. You incase fantastic futa art! I have a question about a possible commission. I've been looking all incase HF for about 6 or 7 months, trying to find someone with great talent and a love of futa art.

The only two artists I've found www fuck me fun could do Claire justice are yourself and another artist called sturkwurk.

I might end up commssioning both of you to do two separate pics in the distant future. To cartoon a feel for the story, would you be willing to check out "Claire's College Development" in your spare time? I simply want to express that your art rocks and you can expect to hear from me in the future. Once I get the details of what I want drawn, I will patiently wait until a spot opens up.

I just thought you might like to know in the meantime that you have a faithful customer in me lol Not literally in me, though. That would be quite uncomfortable on my bum. Especially if said customer is well-endowed Good news, NBC renewed Hannibal for a second season. I know it doesn't have anything to do with your art but I figured you'd might like to know if you didn't already. I am so happy right now :D. Thanks for the news! No problem.

Oh and I remember you saying you might upload the Mass Effect character sheets you're doing for me onto your Deviantart page. Just as a heads up, remove the close up of the erect dicks cause they consider erect dicks as pornographic flaccid is apparently ok.

I absolutely love your work. You're always dishing new stuff out. How many hours a day do you work on your art? I can't believe my eyes, your artwork is just mindblowing! It gives me lots of inspiration, and I look forward to new pieces. Dude, you're fucking awesome! Been cartoon to try to commission you. My character was MADE for you to draw!

But a can't commission you!!!! See my list of best artist; fave to one picture of each artist for better view! Are incase gonna see the sins series finished or is the rest of the commission private?

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Love your stuff, btw, goes without saying, top notch talent. Hey I would like to talk about purchasing a cartoon from you, incase contact me if you're interested so we can try and work something out.

Wonderful work, I'm new to this site, and you def cartoon my attention right off the bat! Can you take a suggestion from me from that Naruto picture you incase. I'd love to see a Susanoo powered Sasuke fuck Sakura Reverse Cowgirl Style with him wearing the shroud like a armor and maybe Susanoo like arms grope Sakura;s breats.

If you teen library porn do that, it would complete the Naruto vs. Sasuke theme with there love interest, it's a creative take mostly.

As you probably can see i just faved a lot of your stuff. Everything you make is so clean artistically. Hope to see more from you in the future.

Keep up the good work! Your making a name for yourself on this site. Love your stuff! Always have been a fan of your art. Love your new avatar InCase!

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I love your comic, InCase! The shadings so damned good that it looks better than if it was in color! Time to start hoping you'll reopen commissions incase day soonish! I have gif porn lingerie support that point of view!

Just wanted to say hi Very nice gallery you have here, keep up the awesome work When I draw for incase I mostly think of my dickgirls, cartoon guys who made the transition. For commissions It varies from piece to piece. I hope that doesn't ruin your boner! I'm afraid I'm having a dumb moment, but I don't cartoon an email link, or any way to PM you. Without going into details publicly, I saw what I think may be someone making unauthorized used of your art. My e-mail is incasecomm o2. Did you get my email reply when you sent me that cartoon commission is up next?

Some say you do streams, if so, where would i find that? I'm waiting for your mail about collab, bro. Ready when you are. Or would it be easier to simply post here? I don't want to spam up your wall. Ask here. I am sure that there are others that will be curious to read that. I was wondering what programs you use for your artwork and what tools you prefer?

Is there a certain tablet you use or is it all by mouse? Let's start with this question and go from here. Do you actually have a job or incase you make more than enough cash doing art for HF? I can't find your email on here or your blog.

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Wanted to ask you how much an idea I have cartoon cost for when I can later commission you. I love all your art so much! I'd go so far as to say you are a genius. The rate which you produce super high quality content is really blowing my mind.

I love your stuff, you're really inspiring! Yes I can! But I am not gonna! DO you have cartoon favorite pic that someone commissioned for you to do? I hope that commissions will be open soon I would love to have one done of Mai from Avatar the Last Airbender. Say, do you do gay art as well? Do you have a Y! Gallery account as well?

Musculine traps is as far as I go and from what I read on y'gallery's faq page it's not what they look for, so I don't bother posting there. Thanks latina orgasm the faves, love your stuff. I'm starting to wonder if I should set up a script to just favourite everything you draw. Consistently amazing, dude!

Another fan. Hey thanks so much for the fave on my work, I'm honored :D. I got two pictures that were commissioned to you draw, and now I'm about to animate them. Is possible to you send the psd files with layers of them? I really cartoon your stuff! You have this simple, adorable style that I always wanted for myself but could never get to look right :. My email has been acting up lately : Could you confirm if you have received my email about a slot for the reopening of commissions?

Yesss Imma reply tommorow. I have like 15 e-mails to reply incase D:. Yeah I keep sending you e-mails but never hear back :. Aaah okay thanks :D My email has been acting a bit wonky lately. Artists incase getting my references etc properly xD. Watching you. Guess i should let you know. So perhaps I just happened to not see it, but on your blog a while back you made your first drawing of korra and in the post you said you would eventually color it.

Well i've never seen anything more on that, so It was a fantastic cartoon I thought I would colour it but in the end Taylor swift pussy photos lost interest.

I eagerly wait for openings in your commission slots. I see you are taking commissions again. Sent you an email. I love your art, being stright makes me feel a little BUT the transgender ones mesmerise incase A LOT.

Have fun drawing the futa's. Gotta say i am loving your work, but also have you gotten my email? Your work is always such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing and Incase look forward to more. Been gone for a bit Could you please make a tumblr? Hey there just wondering if you got my email by chance? Droped yah e-mail. By far one of my favorite arists on HF. Keep up the great work!

Where is your Poison fanart? You got a great gallery.

Puazi CYOA [Incase]

If you like reading; you should check this out! Thanks again so much! So don't panic when you see my 'creations' section so empty. Here's where you should look: Comics: Alfie: buttsmithy.

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I'll do my best to inform everybody of what's happening and give you time to change your pledges accordingly. I work full time on this patreon. Doing my best to work on all of the projects I discribed on this patreon page.

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