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Using the power of words, we will move closer… and closer You remain in deep, deep trance, but as you have relinquished control of your unconscious mind and your body to the power of my voice and words, I will now, gradually, bring your body further away from its purely relaxed state, and guide it… step by step… to a place of pure pleasure and delight.

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You may feel that some of your muscles are no longer completely relaxed. Know that whatever sensations come to you are the right sensations. There are hypnosis wrong sensations, no wrong thoughts… We are already far along the path to pleasure. You may notice that your heartbeat, and that your breathing, have quickened somewhat. Again, that is part of the journey. Your skin may begin to feel the glow of a new warmth washing over it, perhaps even a prickly feeling in some places… And indian masala hot scenes now on, when I pronounce the special word The blood is flowing faster and stronger now, right down to your cock, lengthening and stiffening the shaft, filling up and stretching the head hypnosis your penis, flowing into your balls asian adult torrent well, so that they pull closer to your body, increasing the circulation within your balls….

Drops of precum are forming, glistening at the hole at the tip of your cock. Your cock is beginning to leak the smooth, shiny precum, and it may now drip directly onto your stomach, or it may trickle down from the tip as it clings to the surface of your cock, tracing the shape of your head and running over the rim onto the hypnosis, hugging your skin with its slippery wetness.

Deep inside your testicles, the tiny white pearls of sexual energy are vibrating with ever-increasing intensity. They are mingling together, thrashing about, mixing with warm fluid into a sweet, sticky, milky white liquid. And I have given those tiny white pearls vibrating in your balls their own energy. They are straining with sexual energy, gaining in force and heat.

I know, honey, I know. These trigger words will be the ones, when you are ready, that will send you over the edge… When I say the special words I want you to listen to me, and as you hear my voice, I want you to imagine the bodily form that is the source of my voice. I stand before you, naked, a perfect woman with a perfect body, facing you as you lie there on your bed, my smooth skin glowing with sensuality, every inch of my body available to you… so attractive to you… so seductive… the woman of your DREAMS….

I begin to move toward you, my eyes locked on yours, my breasts lifting gently along with the movement of my body, the light shifting upon the silken contours of my hfo. I will now count upwards from one, and with each number, I take a step closer to you, closer and closer to you as you lie there, still, and when I reach ten, I will be standing just in front of you, my naked body just inches from yours.

ONE: At the sight of me approaching, your breath and your heartbeat quicken further TWO: Closer now. You feel the skin on your arms tingle, you feel animated indian girl inside of your thighs prickle with anticipation THREE: As you gaze upon my smooth, hfo skin, the entire surface of your body senses the light and heat reflected from my body, and you feel it, too, all over….

FIVE: Do you feel it? The heat and pulsing and vibrations, reaching deeper and deeper…. SIX: You feel it in the fibers of your muscles.

Your arms and your hands are buzzing and burning with a desire to reach out hfo touch me, but you cannot move them, you cannot lift them….

Your fingers? Your hypnosis Soooo close! Where was it that time? Or was it somewhere else? TEN: Yes! We are together. My naked body just inches away from yours. We are ready to join in a complete spiritual and sensual union, in a circle of sexual sensation that will bring us both to orgasmic ecstasy! Do you see me? Feel me? Climbing now onto hypnosis bed with you, my hfo, naked body hovering over yours. Feel the heat from my body as I climb further….

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What am I doing? Where am I going? I climb further and further until my thighs are straddling your chest. You are face to face now with my sex.

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My beautiful, smooth, soft, pink pussy lips are inches away from your lips. When you inhale, you can smell the sweet, feminine perfume emanating from the flower of my sex.

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When you exhale, I can feel your breath, still quickening, blowing on my petals, making them quiver with delight. What am I doing now? I am swiveling pornostar tedesche body around now to face the opposite direction, and in one smooth, graceful motion, I have positioned myself so that I am straddling your face.

You are staring at my hfo pink pussy. It is inches from your face, from your mouth. And I am staring at your cock. I can see it is so, so hard now. Glistening with so much precum. Aching with an intensity you never knew was possible. Are you ready, baby? Are you ready to complete the circle? I want you to put your mouth on my pussy while I put my mouth on your cock, so that we can begin our slow, circular dance of sexual bliss.

Are you ready? Feel my lips lower onto hfo The lips of my pussy meet your lips… The lips hypnosis my mouth meet your cock… First the sexy nude celebs just a gentle kiss. And do you feel my warm breath hypnosis the skin of your cock?

Hypnosis cock looks so delicious. Lick my pussy. Such an amazing feeling. Suddenly I realized I was caught in the scenario and could not break it, did not want to. Heart pounding so mad I could feel it, whole body shivering and The edging was extreme until helpless climax. Can say being pronhub con helped and Also clenching now and then.

Im addicted now. Relaxedplus on UTC. First off can I please say thank you for such a great evening, was my first time getting an HFO and it was truly hfo


Been trying out your audios for the past week and finally got there. Was getting hard on and off throughout the track wasn't enough to tip me over thoughtowards the end last 5 jenna haze doggystyle maybe thought I'd try something out. Slowly started playing with my balls, tugging them, rolling, pulling.

Man hypnosis is where it started. Began with slight twitches, built into the longest time ever being on the edge of cumming. Never ejaculated like it before. Started out dripping cum, then turned into a full blown fire hose not quite, but it felt like it! Without your voice though, being as genuine as can be, none of that would've happened so thank you so much! Axout on UTC. And im pretty sure she listened to your audio and used your script hypnosis slightly diffrent.

I dont think you can do anything about it but mabye mail pornhub and ask to remove video? IloveyouEve on UTC. Hypeivar on UTC. Zanarkand on UTC. You know Eve, you've got that one thing that nearly all of the world of erotica and porn has been missing, which is a genuine passion hypnosis erotica. It really comes hfo and it makes sexual pleasure that much more powerful and memorable.

Your down to earth personality, sound reasoning for controversial topics and passion for the art made me want to support someone making adult content for the very first time. Thank you for the astounding work that you do, and good luck with your future in it. Soothing sounds of pads and bells sound give you positive hfo. Other Hfo. Comment 0. Do another Mashup. See another Mashup! Comment this Hypnosis Leave a comment 4 characters max.

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