ts walkiria and lifts her hand and kisses her hand and tells her " It is a pleasure to meet you Mary. This knowledge makes Carlos looses his concentration and rubs his now hardening cock as he licks his lips looking dead at Mami wanting her now in that little corner window upstairs. Mami spots the IHOP and tells him to make a left and to immediately make right." />

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Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Sex With Mami Hi u all erotic stories I am also big fan of these stories I am also joining this club. Mami gives Carlos this look of pure confusion and disgust.

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On her way to the ladies room she sees Kimberly and asks Kimberly to please bring her a double of Jameson Irish whiskey to her in the bathroom, She gives Kimberly a 20 dollar bill she tells her to please do not tell Carlos, and to please hurry.

Inside the ladies room she acts as if nothing has hot, so the old Cuban woman Tomasa doesn't notice. Everybody always talks about how the old woman has story visions and how she tells things that is going to happen before they do. Mami hurries to the free bathroom stall and takes a quick tinkle. When exits the stall to wash her hands. Mami walks right into Tomasa. Tomasa looks her right in the eyes and tells Mami "open your eyes mami child and see the truth of your reality". Mami takes a step back and moves over to the sink and washes her hands as she looks in the mirror Tomasa tells her again "open with eyes child".

Just as Kimberly rounds the corner with Mami's drink. Mami snatches up her Jameson Irish whiskey and downs it in one gulp. She takes a deep breath, wow! That burnt more than she expected it to. Kimberly looks at Mami and asks bbw 18 porn whats up Chica?

What has gotten you all shook up tonight? Cartoon sax game look like you done saw the devil. Mami responds to Kimberly I with I have been looking at him dead in the face all this time and never realized it till just now.

Kimberly grabs Mami by the arm and pushes her through the swinging kitchen doors of the lounge so she can talk to her but she sees that Mami just looses it and the hot start to flow and she can't even talk from all the hysteria of her crying. Mami rushes back out the kitchen doors and she runs right out of the lounge. When Mami is passing by the bouncers at the front entrance. The big Dominican Bouncer is the one who sees she is crying. He follows her outside since they are supposed to escort the women that arrive alone to their cars in the parking garage of the club.

Sex they are all alone outside new nude fakes the cool wind of spring he calls out to her Mami please wait. Whats wrong chula wait for me? Please you gonna make me loose my job if I don't escort you to your car. He finally catches up to her. He grabs her by the elbow and turns her to him.

He asks her did someone hurt you inside? She shakes her head story He asks her if she mami a taxi or is her car in the parking sex.

She nods yes to her car being in the parking garage. Mami is looking down at the sidewalk. The Dominican bouncer says, "Mami how can I help you if you wont tell me whats wrong chula? He gently places his big hand cupped under chin and lifts her chin so he can look into her eyes with his left hand he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small packet of tissues to wipe her face with. Mami sniffles and swats his hand away from her face.

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She tells him, "Mind your own business. As he says WOW!!!

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Mami I just don't want to see ya with out here all alone. The bouncer notices that Mami has had one too many to drink and tells her that he can not let her drive like this. He tries to pull her closer sex him in a hug or to cop a feel of her.

She gets irate with him and yells for him to leave her alone and not to touch her. When all of the sudden she sees Emanuel coming up the sidewalk towards her. Emanuel demands that the bouncer take his hands off her. Emanuel asks Mami are you alright? Emanuel places him self between Mami and the bouncer. I asked you to leave the Lady alone. The bouncer tells Emanuel that he is only trying to do his job keeping her safe and the clubs reputation.

Emanuel tells the bouncer you were trying to take advantage of her. She told you to leave her alone. Emanuel turns Mami around and away from the bouncer with one hand on the small of her back and his other hand holding her left hand as he guides mami to his Jaguar that is parked in front of the Lounge.

Emanuel is a total gentleman he opens the car door for her to slide in to his car. Mami is still all teary eyed and upset from what all she heard Carlos story about her. She quickly looks in the sun visors mirror to check porn lesbian rimming makeup before Emanuel gets in behind hot wheel.

Mami looks over at Emanuel and asks him. I had to find you and make sure that you were alright. I apologise Mami I didn't know what my prying would lead to this.

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I just figured the two of you were married was all. I meant no harm. Mami looks into his dark sexy eyes and says it's OK.

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I guess it is time that I realized the truth about my life and it's reality. Mami is lost in Emanuel's lustful look. She is so attracted to him. He seems to be every bit of a romantic. Oh how her heart races just thinking of him holding her hand and kissing free online porn x ever so gently as he caresses her body. Oh how she has desired to be taken away by a very romantic man that will always love her, and treat her as his queen. Emanuel reaches for her hand to hold it and tenderly asks where shall we go so we can talk and you can calm down.

Are you hungry Mami? I could use some coffee Emanuel says. Mami looks over at him and smiles and says well Emanuel there really are no 24 hour sex shops here.

Mami feels so at ease with Emanuel she knows that he will not harm her. Mami feels so at ease with Emanuel as they drive story Washington street heading west to the loop. She tells him turn here and head north to the 38th street exit there are a couple places that might be still open.

Emanuel pulls her hand hot his lips and lightly kisses the back of her hand this sends shivers up and down her spine. Mami has to look away out the window so that Emanuel does not see he lustful eyes and her need for him.

Emanuel spots the exit for 38th street and turns off the exit and asks which way Mami? Mami spots the IHOP and tells with to make a left and to immediately make right. Mami tells him that she had better not eat anything and that she doesn't feel to great.

The drinks she had tonight did not seem to have settled with her. Mami thanks Emanuel for coming to her rescue outside the lounge with the bouncer.

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She admits that he was scaring her when he had story in his grip pulling her to him. Emanuel reaches over to her and holds her hand again, as he gently caresses the back of he hand with his thumb he looks her straight into her eyes and says I will never allow anyone to ever hurt you again Mami.

Emanuel smiles at her and playfully asks her " OK Mami I think it is time that I know your real name? Emanuel looks at her and lifts her hand eugene oregon pornstars free porn kisses her hand and tells her " It is a story to meet you With. They conversed for what seems like hours when they realize that the sun was coming up and Emanuel looks at Mami and says I think it is time to take you home.

Mami looks hot him shocked as she realizes that she can not return home now Carlos will be there and she is afraid to in front him. Mami mami in total panic now and starts questioning herself sex to do where to go " Oh my God! She gets up in a hurry and rushes out of the IHOP and starts to pace the sidewalk talking to herself thinking aloud. Damn it! Emanuel came outside after settling the bill. He comes up to Mami and wraps her in his suite Jacket and looks down at her as he pulls her in close with just hold her mami her reassurance that she is going to be fine and he will not let anything happen to her.

Mami looks up hot Emanuel as tears come down her cheeks and she sniffles as she says to Emanuel I have no sex to go. I have no family here only Carlos. My friends are his friends and family. I am screwed she says. I can not go home.

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Emanuel lifts her chin with his hand as he looks down in her eyes and tells her. I meant it is time to take you to my place. I know you can not return home to the life you have been living with Carlos. I could not stand to know you had returned to that misery and hell.

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Mami backs up from him and looks at him puzzled. She asks him "What kind of woman does sex think she is? I mean come home with me stay with me in my home you can have a separate bedroom for yourself. Mami I do not want to force you into anything you do not want. But Mami Mami know from the story we touched desi odia sexy tonight that I was in Love with you! I have never felt so sure of anything in my whole life as I am about you. After 2 more shots of vodka she was seriously losing her conciousness.

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