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He knew he should. There was attractive, and there there was that guy.

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Dark hair, tanned skin, a smile to die for. Every line and curve of his body was physically perfect. Keep reading. Rhodey joking brought it up one day and Tony set it in stone….

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JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. And, bikini, beats shorts, but a thong tan line is one of the hottest. I am busy working on my bikini tan lines. I disagree completely.

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There is nothing fun or sexy about being with a guy who walks around naked all the time for the whole world to see. I like a guy who keeps something to the imagination. His tanlines reveal the goods that he is only sharing in hot sexy private moments. Jaydajusa lines are a definite turn-on.

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Porter has a great ass and a magnificent cock and it is a great contrast to his tan 6 pack. If those who are susceptible take precautions they probably will be fine. And funnily enough, all these Europeans parading around in speedos or less, leaving nothing to the imagination still somehow manage to be both crazily sexy and still get laid.

Weird huh? I too have the body for speedos but I just do not feel comfortable in wearing them on the beach now as underwear no problem! I love tanlines providing they only cover the buttocks.

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These boys in their boardshorts are horrid! Tanlines should not approach the knees. I do wear a thong while I lay out in my backyard. The tanline is for me and my partner. He and my doctor are the only ones who see it. You know what board short wearer are doing…hiding little dicks. When I go shopping I notice that a 4 inch length piece of denim suffices for shorts for females but you have to really look to find a pair of shorts for men that does not touch your calves!

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I guess in a couple of years mens shorts sexyv come with feet in them.

Skylar is the only male I could still maintain my erection with even though he also has that. Because my Skylar is perfect. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. A total tan is hottest — like those bel ami boys: Mikhail, Damien, et al. Fair skin does not hold up so well especially with sun.


hot men with tan lines teen tyra misoux bedroom fuck What about some Cute Bartender! Tony dealing with assholes whilst Steve stands all smitten in the background, I'd really love that right now. But here- I hope this helps! The sound was barely visible over the noise in the club, but Steve turned anyway, shooting Bucky a dirty look as the man simply grinned over to him and shrugged. From what I can tell from the one drink he served me forty minutes ago, anyway. Steve blushed, turning to fiddle with the rim of his Pina Colada and cursing himself. He knew he should.
hot men with tan lines leslie easterbrook tits Also, for whatever reason tan guys with pale butts also particularly fun to fuck from behind. Try it some time. Which is fine, I guess. Like a defined ass highlighter or would you rather see a guy who sunbathes fully nude? Photo credit: Fratmen. When JP Met Gabriel. Big Dick Tight Hole.
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