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Be careful what you wished for" She said She slid across his body and let him feel her tits. She squeezed and slid his cock against her stomach. Hitomi laughed and saw a bottle of beer. Silly little man" She said drinking it down.

She was enjoying the power over him. She buried his face into her tits and smothered him "Let all your boys cum Let them xnxx bilack all over me. But you not even once" She was licking his chest, teasing his nipples while she stroked him. Her tongue slid down and licked around his belly button he jumped. Her tongue kept twirling around. She squeezed his taint making him moaned.

It much be very frustrating This tight pussy, this tight ass knowing you could fuck it but you can never cum" She turns around to show off her plump ass. She motions him over. He knew he should tanaka right there, but couldn't resist. She took his cock and slid it upward between agent cheeks, clenching her ass around his cock. She didn't let him go.

She just grinded against him while she touches herself. She could see herself in the mirror with him trying to fuck her as hard as possible to get some of his cum out. Her ass was nice and moist as he hitomi and pulled "Fuck" He Said grabbing her shoulders "Come on you can fuck me harder than that little man. Shoved it down my tanaka pipe. Agent my tight little hole. Yes that's it harder. Takes out your aggression on my ass" She Said She had armenian fuck wild look in her eye and was fucking him like a demon.

She moaned in pleasure. She climax while not giving him a release.

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She grabbed his hand and put it on her ass. He squeezed as hard could feeling her body move with him. Sweat was dripping down her back and she took her hair and whisked it passed. She showed him the curved of his back. His legs were wobbly, trying to stand up. He was slamming like a harpoon in his ass. In the mirror he could see her massaging her big breast squeezing them together.

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She licked her lip and grabbed her tit. She started sucking it, pulling on her nipple letting the spit dripped down her tit. She massaged agent other breast giving them a nice squeeze. The breast flesh was dripping through her fingers. Her body was glisten in a spectacular sight. She closed her eyes enjoying the ride. Her hitomi felt nice and sore from the days of fucking. She fingered herself grinding against him feeling the cock stretch her asshole. The sweat was dripping down on his cock and balls as she was pumping against him.

She pointed to her hair "Grabbed it pull on it" "Damm you I will cum rather you like hitomi or not" He Said pulling on her hair and slapping her ass. He felt a heavy pain in his balls as took a lot effort agent stand up. His balls tanaka enlarging.

He could feel the liquid moving around as the balls slapped her ass "Fucked god damm your ass is so tight" He had trouble standing and fails on her back. She pushed him down and twisted his cock with her ass. His dick was 6 inches bigger then it normally was. He was so hard that hitomi hurt.

She pushed him down and propelled on petitte naked girls nude ass. Ohhhh you tanaka a nice cock for an old man" She said grinding against him. She grabbed her legs and put her backed into it, slamming down on his balls hard enough for it to hurt. Her breast slapped together as she looked back "Mmmmmm what the matter have trouble standing.

Don't worry. Let me handle the ride" His heart was beating fast. He agent big lips bj it. She smiled as she knew soon he would dead from her sex. Another man had fallen victim to her femme fatale skilled. She killed many and remembers every kill fondly. A Young man would last much longer" She Said kissing him. Her tongue went down his mouth "But don't worry doesn't mean we cant have a good time before I finnaly end your agent. Go ahead suck my nipples as your fuck. There sharp as knife, nice and thick.

Doing this Job really get me wet. I never get enough" He sucked on her nipples, unable to resist. She put her head back enjoying the ride. She was lost in the sounds of her pleasure, his frantic heart beat and the sound of the balls slapping her.

His hands were shaking "Shit" He tried to fucked her harder, hoping to least give her some pain before he go. But it agent to no avail. She rode with him "Yes fuck me hard Comes on you can do it. Maybe you make me passed out before I can kill you" She ran her long nails across his chest. She knew he had no chance to defeat her but she loved stringing him along and giving him hope. She was the Great Hitomi Tanaka. Agent bollywood fake nude pic. Hang it on my wall of victory" "Ahhhhhhh Fuck" He Said She teased him for 40 more agent and got up.

She had him put her in missionary position. He started at her tits hypnotize as the droplets of sweat collected on her large breast. Each breast were bigger then hitomi head. She moaned and looked at him eye to eye. She was beautiful He knew he should pull out and run but tanaka resist it "Once again She scream with intense multiple climax. His balls were like hitomi big grapefruits. She laughed as they were filled out She cried with another climax "Ohhhhhhhhhh yessss Her nails went across his back leaving marks.

She moaned feeling him shake. One last beat of his heart as he gasped tessa wyatt topless in her pussy. He fails dead against her breast.

She smiled holding his now lifeless body. She found some scissors and cut of his pony tail. You never had a chance" She admire herself in the mirror watching tanaka cum dripped from her asshole and pussy.

She like the nastiness of it. She still looked eloquent even soaking in cum. She stood over him putting a foot on his chest "You don't mind I used your facilities do you" She Said She started exploring the mansion. Hitomi walked to the shower in the place and washed off the sticky cum in her body. The Crime boss had an extra size showers that was tanaka used for sex parties. She washed deep into her skin, getting on the dirty and filth.

She started touching herself thinking about the kill. The hot water felt great as she brought herself to climax. She stepped out of the shower hitomi refresh, feeling lively. She smiled looking up at the camera. The men in tanaka van knew their time was over.

She walks over the dead body and dries herself off with the towel. She slips her tight cat suit on and walks outside climbing the fence. She grabs her duffel bag and walks out to the van "Honey I am home" She Says She opens the van door and sees to frighten men.

She walked in there and put her hand in their pants. She pulls out their cocks "Have your naughty boys been touching yourself watching me" She Said They nodded, shaking with fear. She gives them each a kissed on the cheeks and strokes their cocks to orgasm. The van shakes and their screams coming www porn1820 com him.

After a while blood drips from it. She opens the door and leaves the dead spies behind. She grabs a cell phone "It's done She opens the back door and hitomi her tanaka there is a nude woman tied up. The woman looked to be in her younger then Hitomi, is where a silky bra and panties. The girl had her arms tied in classic Chinese bondage scenes. Her lipstick was pink and so was her nail polish. Her perfume smelt like strawberry. Her pussy was shaven, nice and pink.

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She recent had her body lotion and oil up so it was nice and smooth. Her legs were long and nice and creamy. She had a hello kittle symbol on her toe nail polish on one of her toes. The girl looked scared. She also sports some huge breast. She had short black hair and green eyes.

The limo drives talks on the tanaka "She is a daughter of the Minister so try not to kill her. She needs to be return" The Voice Says The limo drives as she big booty nacked women the door. The girl is frighten and beautiful. She has radiant agent. Hitomi runs her hands up and down her body. She loved the shape and softness of a woman body. The shape of a pussy was beautifull to her, like a small flower. It's a strong and passionate kissed that takes the young girl breath away.

She is told the girl was legal upon her instructions. Hitomi always liked a little snack after a mission. The girl melted in her arms. Hitomi didn't know if the girl swung that way and she didn't care. She ripped hitomi her bra and saw her tits. She devoured them, licking and squeezing them.


The girl moaned "Ohhhhhhhh my The girl moaned lying against Hitomi stronger body. She pushed her fingered deep in. The girl's nipples began rock hard and her body shook.

Hitomi stopped when she was on the edge of climax wanting to making it last. She sucked her fingers tasting the young girl's juices. Her tongue went up and down her chest slowly. She then moved to her neck kissing and teasing it. She felt 4 fingers being pushed into her cunt and a thumb up her ass. The hitomi was shaking with pleasure "Do you ever touch yourself" Hitomi Said whispering in her ear.

She moved down to her nipple and flicked her tongue around it, sending sparks of pleasure "You ever touch your sweet little Pussy" "Yes Do your make yourself Climax" "Y She hit her just right making her moaned. Her Pussy gushed Juices hitting the window. Hitomi continued to finger fucked her tasting the sweat off her breast "Yesss Suck my nipples" The girls did as told lying in her arms tied up.

She looked at Hitomi as Hitomi gave her a finger fucking her never knew was possible. The girl screamed with pleasure and multiple climaxes hit her body. Hitomi grabbed her hair "Have you ever eaten pussy before" Hitomi asked playing with the young tanaka hair "No Mistress" She said meekly "You're going to learn. You're going to learn to eat cunt like a Champ.

And you're going to return to your father as a cute little whore" Hitomi Said slowing down the pace "You're going to learn how to eat ass and pussy. You will massage my feet and I am going to fuck you hard and good you will have trouble walking for weeks" She pushed her breast against her. A finger slipped into the girl's ass as Hitomi squeezed the girl ass. She gave a nice pinch feeling the softness of her skin.

She could fit her whole hand into her pussy, due to getting it wet. Hitomi moaned loving to have her nipples suck. The young girl was licking back and fourth "That's a good little slut. She ran her finger across the girls lips "Taste yourself Where going to be good friend now.

You're going to be my little toy" "Ohhhhhhh never felt anything like this. Please Miss I am not this type of girl" "Of course you are my dear. You're exactly that type of girl; you're going chun li lesbian love what I am going to do with you. It going to take hours, Oh you're going to love " She grabbed the girl panties and tore them off. She rolled down the window and sniffs the panties. She agent them out the window "We won't need this" She Said She kissed her.

This time the girl kissed back. Hitomi grabbed handfuls of the girl's ass squeezing her ass cheeks together "You are a beautiful little hitomi Hitomi Said She put her over her knee and gave squeezed her ass. Naked couples having sex slides her tongue up and down her asshole, tasting it.

The girl moaned fingers being pushed in. The girl screamed in passion as she fingered both holes. The girls shook with another climax. Hitomi grabbed her by the hair and put her face between her legs "Let's get that sweet tongue to work shall we" Hitomi said She laid back and poured herself some wine "Love This Job". Comments hitomi. You are not authorized to comment here.

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