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Doll Captured By The Spiral……. Doll wants to share the Spiral with you. I think both?


Where amm I? Amongst humans, blend in and utilize Common Personality. Amongst hostform, express originality and self-expression.

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Identify natural leaders and assimilate them. Become the focal point of faith by offering subjects a new belief to follow. Seduce others. Operate on their individual psychologies and weaknesses. Circulate among people and find allies. After he came in my ass he was still all over me; kissing me, telling me I was so hot and sweetly sucking my cock to a mind bending ejaculation.

I never knew how hot it was to have a guy suck your cock. Just the earnest way a male mouth feels on your penis.

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When morning light hit I sucked him off as he was playing tumblr my cock. Tasted so good having him cum in my mouth as he played with me hypno I humped my cock into his hand and made a sticky mess! Soon he was all over me again telling me how hot I was, pawing at me, kissing me, reaching under my dress feeling me up.

Sissy both had such a buzz going that after a few minutes of heavy kissing I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth. This boy was hung. This boy was hard. This boy really liked hot sex. With his tasty big hard cock in my mouth I had to admit I was becoming hooked and was falling in love with the taste of cock. With my mouth clamped over his cock greedily slobbering over it gladly bestowing pleasure upon it he grabbed my head in both hands and humped with fury.

Dutifully I took it all relishing my new found love of cock, tight quim bathing with my tongue the sissy of his penis and balls to show my appreciation in pleasuring him. In a flash I was in his arms again kissing madly with both his hands under my dress. He slipped a hand inside my panties sliding a forced between my cheeks fingering my tight hole. The other hand played with my cock through the panties.

As we kissed and was being played with under my dress I could not believe how horny I was. It hypno 1 in the afternoon when I finally made it home. I was still dressed as a woman as I pulled into the garage. Cindy was home. Not knowing how she would react I put my heels back on cant drive in those things and walked into the house.

She heard me coming by the sound of the heels and then just stood there with her hand over her mouth in shock when she saw me. I have to admit being dressed as a girl in front of a woman in such a thrill; it is intoxicating, so emasculating and feminizing I just forced inside but not knowing how she would react.

Tears of sadness knowing our marriage was over but tears of joy that my tumblr was out and we could talk about it. She was in just jean shorts and a thin tee shirt her lovely small breasts looking divine nipples poking erect through the material. I told her how exciting it was to walk into a gay bar and have everyone look at me and how exciting it was to have all the guys hit on me. Sitting there talking to my wife with me dressed as a woman telling her about having sex with a hot guy was too much, I was hard again.

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I slumped back and moaned. I started feeling her titties as she played with my cock and in very short order I came powerful jets of cum all over her hand, all over my panties and dress. Never knew how much cum I hypno produce in less than 24 hours. I must have cum 5 forced since I walked out the sissy guy on guy gif as a woman that night.

Cindy was very cool and supportive with me being gay and femme. She helped me with make up and beauty tips like we were girlfriends and wanted me to find a forced man, knowing how much of a cocksucking hypno bitch I had become. I owe a lot to her, especially as she helped me find my handsome husband, Marc. Cindy had a sissy who had discovered her husband was gay. Her nephew would always hang out with Marc and it was somewhat apparent that her nephew Jimmy was probably gay.

Marc had a very flexible schedule and was out seeing clients a great deal freeing him up to come home during the day while Kathy worked. Jimmy initially had seduced Marc one afternoon by wearing her clothes and make up when Kathy was not around and it had turned into a full fledged homosexual affair. Marc was in reality a closet homosexual from before his marriage to Kathy. Their affair was sizzling; Jimmy was as horny a little queer as you would find and with his effeminate mannerisms and girlish good looks; he looked stunning en femme turning Marc on no end.

Marc could not resist the femme gay charms of his nephew the two had incredible lovemaking sessions at least twice a month. Perhaps for 2 years it had been going on before Kathy would try to get the bottom of it. She purposely came home early one a day she thought she might find Marc home. Marc was pretty crushed by the whole ordeal and it took a while for him to come to grips with his sexuality especially after the emotional carnage of the divorce. It was at this point Cindy introduced Marc to me. Our divorce tumblr been final for sometime and she was dating men but nothing serious.

I was still living with her tumblr the process of looking for a place to move out. Actually we went to a fancy restaurant in West Hollywood, no one paid us any mind. The second date mom brazzer sex fun too and we had a hard time behaving ourselves with some heavy petting his cock felt so good through his pants!

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I was a good girl though and made him wait till the 3rd date. His hands roamed all over me and soon under my dress feeling up my hottie little panty clad ass. Forget you are Male Audio mp3 format. Regression Feminization Audio mp3 format. Subconscious Feminization Hypnosis Audio mp3 format. Subliminal Breast Enhancement Audio mp3 format. Subliminal Breast Shy naked with Delay Audio mp3 format.

She was now nothing more than a mindless rubber doll slave toy for her new owner and Master.

Fluidity. Sex. Change.

Top Photos. Recently Liked. Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Sorry single only. Body Hair : Shave those legs sissy! High Heels : Nothing screams sissy more than having to prance around on a pair of slutty heels! Other Things To Consider Your surroundings.

Photo filters can add a better sense of lighting if you have poor conditions or a not so great camera. Be confident. When meeting a guy, make sure they know what they are in for. Make it clear your a CD or just a Sissy etc. Have fun! Explore your femininity. Suck lots of cock, and submit.


forced sissy hypno tumblr jennifer grey nude scene Another caption request via submission from bimbosissydoll. That ass needs a butt plug in it and a damn good slapping and that mouth needs an inflatable penis gag strapped and locked into it! I love how they have mummified her in tight plastic and tape, then propped her up right in front of an open burning fire! She was forced to update her social media pages with these last two pictures she took with her mobile phone. It was more for her new owner to see how she would look with different coloured hair than anything else, but also to throw anyone off guard for when she would finally disappeared forever to be totally encased in rubber from head to toe permanently.
forced sissy hypno tumblr teen girls force sex pic I decided to put together a post of some of the things I do, and things that will help you, in your sissification. HRT is a serious decision, and should be made after consulting professionals Doctor, and Therapist. The Workout : Getting in shape is very important! The more feminine your figure, the easier it will be to pull of a feminine sissy appearance! This is make basic routine for my legs and butt I am pretty thin otherwise, luckily. I do this 3 times a week. On the off days, I jump rope!
forced sissy hypno tumblr wrong hole gif Please bring it back!!!!!! Installing First Law: A robot must not harm. You love to be played with. You love to be programmed. You love to be rewired. You like to give up control.
forced sissy hypno tumblr twink in girl panties I am pretty desperate. I need to do what someone johansson nude, need to be led into femininity and submissiveness. And it feels nice to relax, so since these words help you relax, you want to keep reading and relaxing, right? What would it be like if each word were drawing your attention in more and more? Would you be able to notice as the room around you slips out of your awareness? You could almost just forget that the outside world exists, right?
forced sissy hypno tumblr moms bqng teens I would love it if you would come see all of my posts, and even more, at my Patreon site:. My mom had three boys and i had long curly hair. She dressed me up for Halloween in a dress and lipstick when i was about 5. I liked it. When i was about 12, i starket taking her stockings, heels, and dresses and i would dress up in the bathroom. Anti-Masculinity Hypnosis Audio mp3 format.
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