However, I'm going to keep my content free and accessible to everyone. That means, Patreons will have access to the goodies, ellowas on the right, but won't get exclusive animations filthy porn gifs anything like that. I want to reward you guys, but in a way that doesn't split my viewership or takes away time, I could spend on my work. Why pledge then? You'll have to decide that for yourself. Only ellowas if your main intention is to support ellowas financially with the added bonus of me producing content more consistently!

Don't pledge if you're hoping for exclusive content or if your own finances are tight! How does pledging work? My Patreon has "charge up front" enabled. Unlike what you might be used to from other Patreons, who don't have that enabled, you will be charged as soon as you pledge.

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If you edit your pledge to a higher Tier, you will be charged the difference to your current pledge. Lowering your pledge will not result in a refund. Everyone will be charged at the start of a new month. If you want to become my Patreon and it's the end of the month, you might want to wait til the next month or you'll be charged for a ellowas that's almost over.

You can use the charge up front as ellowas way for one time donations. Pledge, cancel, done! You will keep access hot gorgeous naked the rewards your pledge gained you until the end of the month, so be sure to download the stuff you want to keep.

Don't expect miracles! No amount of money will lead to weekly animation releases or anything crazy like that! There's just not enough hours in the week to do that at the current length ellowas quality of my work.

Even if there was, I wouldn't be able to keep it up for very long It works! This Patreon has been running since November and I've been dedicating much more ellowas my time to this than I did before. And with more focus on actually creating content too. Unfortunately that content was more pictures than animations til now, puffy nipplies I want to change that in ellowas future.

Thank you guys for reading and regardless of whether or not you're a Patreon, thanks a lot for your support! Uh what? I could make a living with that! Ellowas this goal is reached, I'll dedicate myself full time to this stuff.

I'll schedule work times and pretty much treat this as a job.

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