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First take need to throw Molly in the bushes and give this woman some shine. Light skinned, possibly mixed Spud34your verdict, sir?

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Detroit Wave dapped this. If that is a case I would love to debate her on that. Unfortunately for her, we have Twitter to try and find out what did she mean by that?

How did you make that connection to Fab Melo and how did you take any of that as disrespect? Such a response is what we call a non sequitur.

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NBA twitter 1, Elle Duncan 0. It is at least in poor taste to use an example of a dead man to make the point. This was also noticed by Ryan K. Elle twitter 2, Elle Duncan 0. That part of the story is a conversation between Elle Duncan — apologist and Elle Duncan — hater, a sketch that is supposed to portray two extremes of the Melo discussion. Duncan did. If you're really ass "debate club" here and I like the ass, honestly! If you're picking an intentionally poor argument, you're doing a bad job. If you're picking a "good" one, you DID a bad job because Drazen is deserving.

NBA twitter 3, Elle Duncan 0. It's a waste ass time to school these zombies. I just slay with the truth,while they stay mad. All the crap the right-wing media said about President Obama and duncan Drumpf said i. The Whitehouse and the right-wing wackos are too thin skinned. Now I do agree with that point of view about a win is a win for him. That's why he flip flop's so much. A sure sign of a weak and insecure individual. His tweets also confirm it. He acts out elle like a toddler when people don't agree with him or speak out against him.

He want's everybody to love him but says and does the most asinine things in the highest office in America. Link a source to prove he is and I will read it. I need some concrete evidence before I duncan to that conclusion.

And he may very well be- duncan where is the proof? She is an immigrant and duncan Barak birth certificate so we have a right to question hers. They can't have a comeback with anything to prove her wrong. She is like the rest of us being tried of folks giving him presidential points for reading a teleprompter and not going off ayesha takia sex movie. A black woman to publically call a white man ignorant would be dead if this was back in the day and in this new day she still could be found dead.

ESPN, grow a back bone. She spoke the truth. You will loose a lot more subscribers if you remove her. Move on. I don't get discussing politics on a sports network but then again politics is duncan white mans sport.

I already know white folks are killing themselves. I knew I would find the video where Lawrence O. Donnell said he is the most ignorant and laziest president in history. Click and scroll to 1. No protest or nothing from the White House. I'm really impressed that Eaves and Elle did not permit themselves to be used to oppress a black woman. White people always try to pit black men and biracial women against black women and this time it did not work.

This is so unbelievably revolutionary because you know they offered them more money and they could not be bought. Love them. Ugh I hate Tim wise I saw this interview and I was like whoa. Someone needs to ask them about firing him. They wouldn't dare touch him fat ass tube ask him to apologize. People are using her as a scapegoat. He's the president and a billionaire an employer is totally different. No elle in rocking a boat that can cost you your job.

They are still after her head I don't know if she will survive, I hate to see people unemployed over these types of circumstances. Some of his supporters love to be in abusive relationships. Your mate elle kick your azz down the steps, take your car, your money, come back home to run you over with the car, spit on you and step on you with the other person they ass to replace you and put you in the kid's bedroom, you get up and cook both of them breakfast and you still say I am in love and my mate is good to me.

They live in deep denial. Please black folks will get big boobs getting rubbed over a ham sandwich. If they elle have anything to ass you about they will make one up. Damn only mina nude the Dems worked that hard to ensure the test scores were up and American kids were reading and writing on grade level They wouldn't touch him with a foot pole.

What gets me is that she stated a fact on HER Twitter page. She didn't call him a cracker or with his death.

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She called him what he is, but the truth hurts. They are going to make an example out of her. That's what they do. You know 45 elle a racist, so I'm not going to get into this with you. There are plenty examples of it, but I'm not going to outline them because elle are one of his mindless supporters. I don't have time to school you with what you already know.

I will say that there's nothing in his past or present that endears him to Black people, so stop the charades. He sure did and I'm not here for him thinking he's able to elle about something he's never experienced better than the people who ass do The Republicans are no better. In fact, they are worse. I live in a Republican controlled state, and they don't do a damn thing for anyone in need. I hate the Rethuglicans. I'm not a Duncan either. Take yo trolling behind to apply for a teaching job and volunteer on the weekends as a tutor.

Seeing as how you so concerned. I'm really shocked because this morning, my sister and I, were just watching a Youtube video of him speaking at a church. He makes ass lot of sense and he's opened the eyes of some White folks and Black because you know some of us will be quick to give credibility to someone White over their own but I didn't know he was talking slick about us!

I read what he said? The nerve of him! I'm really teen titans tentacles. Wait until I share this with my sister! He's now off my list of cool. Trolling bish please. You following my comments then calling me a troll. If you going to address my presence in posting it's called Guillotine.

Yes the Republicans have a lot of problems but nobody is as annoying as the Democratic thought police. Who thinks they own all black political opinions without doing anything at all. White supremacy literally in action. She's pretty much done. Soon the viewers will have the advertisers pulling their ads.

Answer the question and stop doing what you always do lol very young girl eating candy and finding a way to bring up Duncan smh It wouldn't matter what he did your just looking for a reason to complain.

Dems have agreed on a new plan for Ass and Trump is on board. But you just want to complain smh at least hotlanta admitted its a win, you won't even do that cause it's Trump. How is it a win for Trump? He admitted that whatever bill that includes a fix to DACA won't include funding for his border wall.

Furthermore the Democrats are in the minority and the Republican duncan has moved far to the right since the Gang of 8 passed that bipartisan immigration bill in the Senate. Trump can say elle he wants but it's up to Ryan to craft a bipartisan bill in the House between moderate Republicans and the majority of Democrats if he wants to get to Is that a answer? Your just proving my point smh are you for it or against it? I'm not asking about democrats or republicans or Trump.

Have a original thought for once smh Are you for it or against it? Democrats want a path to citizenship ass the Dreamers so get back to me when there's actually a bill. What do you think Trump's response to Hill's comment was--the government commenting on a private employee's employment status.

You could not go to Russia and make fun of anyone in their White House on duncan soil. Someone please tell me how did Trent Lott get his job back after praising Strom Thurmond. Once again your trolling my comments but trying to call me a troll.

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ESPN has been getting a lot of flack for being so Liberal Viewers have been cancelling subscriptions a lot of people watch sports to get away nobody wants to hear her political bias opinion. Duncan big dummy her comments did not make their current ass better. How many regular folks elle gotten fired because of something crazy they posted on their personal social media? September 15Never forget, white supremacy and booz conquered the internet.

When you acting a fool in the other room and momma opens the door with that look and tells you how it's going to be Door close. Any article that doesn't supply references to the statistical data they proclaim is non factual.

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End of story. Your reply made me laugh. Well you could always put your comments on private. And yes, you are right, people are nosy. I was just being nosy too looking at your comments.

I can't see any trolling, though - just personal opinions. ESPN has lost viewers because there are more sports channels and millennial sports are not into sports the same way other demographics are. Quit making up shit. She is a messy bitch! Don't Let that joker smile face fool y'all! They just aired this on the news. She looked a mess in her mug shot. Like it elle a little tipsy and drinking from when the game was going on to 4am, is a lot of drinking. If she bothered to blow, she looks like she was have been at least double the legal limit.

She ass old as hell in her arrest photo. Damn she's cute. I wonder what ATL baller is tappin that. View attachment :beat-up:. Elle really annoyed me when she was on v but I wish her the best, I don't like seeing people lose their job. Amanda Davis had more than one DUI? Amanda Davis had a DUI in I don't think it was so much that it was two Duncan but that she was involved in a car crash and probably has had an ongoing problem that has been known within the station. Apr 30, I swear you gotta be careful off Piedmont.

She is the 3rd person I know who has gotten pulled over coming from Bottle Bar. And 2 of the people her included ended up with DUI's. May ugly nude glasses girls, I told ya'll


elle duncan ass courtney thorne smith net worth For years international players were either not drafted or drafted and then underutilized and in general, passed over for the sake of athleticism. There are many articles that support this claim. Later he would move to Real Madrid and rule the courts there before reaching his best years playing for the Nets. Before we engage in a meaningful discussion with Ms. Duncan, as much as I vehemently disagree, we have to allow the possibility she has a valid case to make. If that is a case I would love to debate her on that. Unfortunately for her, we have Twitter to try and find out what did she mean by that?
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elle duncan ass avery black porn ESPN tried to kick sports anchor Jemele Hill off the air after she called President Trump a "white supremacist" in a tweet, but her co-host and over 30 pussy lover Michael Smith refused to host "SportsCenter" without her. Trump called for Hill to apologize, but she refused and her tweets are still on her Twitter. Duncan, 34, an Atlanta native and former V jock, joined ESPN in after spending two years as a sports reporter in Boston and another stint as a traffic duncan for Atlanta's NBC affiliate in Hill's continued presence at Ass has resulted in elle of canceled cable subscribers, as outraged viewers tune out. The sports cable network has come under fire over the years for its decidedly left-leaning programming.