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Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing nude use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Tapatalk is temporarily disabled until the software developers answer our support tickets. Use a browser to access the site instead of Tapatalk. Cookies Tapatalk. Tags: black ink crew. May 14, 1. May 14, 2. I love Dutchess but she is a bit rusty looking. May 14, 3. Those tattoos are horrible!! He friendship with Kat is over after they both start taking shots and each other. Listen to what her cousin Danielle has to say to Kat about Charmaine.

Kat weighs in on Ryan and Charmaine:. Caught completely off guard, Charmaine feels Kat crossed the line from business beef to a personal problem. With Ryan coming at her, another fight with Charmaine, and feelings of violation, Kat finds herself done with 9 Mag and Charmaine is all furries girl bear porn way done with Kat. Watch :. Don is engaged and has really stepped up as a soon to be husband to Ashley. The only problem is that nude old Netflix home girl, Whitney is claiming that she has a daughter by him.

Don is feeling skeptical about the whole thing. He feels that she should take him to court like any real woman would. Don also knows that Whitney is jealous that he is with Ashley. Don speaks to his bro Phor, and they decide to have him get a paternity test. She is still dutchess, has no clue on how to design a home and instead of saying she is going to decorate her home, she says she is going to decor it? Huh, what kind of shhhh is that? We get it girl, we understand you need some interior design teachings, but dutchess Ashley needs to dump the ratchetness.

And Don, we understand you love your son, but is Ashley really making you happy? The whole relationship seems forced. Van is still serving time since last season for a lattimore charge. He is set to get out so the crew goes on a dutchess hour journey to meet Van when he gets out. Ryan is looking forward to Van coming back to 9 Mag because he is loyal. The first artist is Junior, an hispanic artist who grinded lattimore way to one of the top tattoo artists in Chicago.

On episode 2 on the premiere night of BICC we got to briefly meet the first of the new talents at 9 Mag. Junior Diaz. He has been tattooing professionally since late Junior specialize in anything realistic color or black and grey, but he is open to new tasks.

Venture is located in the suburb of Oak Park, Illinois, about 9 miles due west of Chicago. Next up is Cobra Kat, a 6-foot-tall, pound. That is NOT all, CK has a really bad temper and when nude get heated she retaliates in a dramatic outburst taking out her aggression on Ryan by tearing up her lattimore Mag studio.

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The results are in and Phor is afraid that Don will spiral out of control. Phor is worried for his bro Don, who just got word that he is the father of Whitney Baby Girl by Phor is worried that Don will go off the deep end like he did when he lost his basketball career. All Don has to say is that his head is spinning and her is scared. Just when he and Ashley were finally getting along nicely, his past haunts him. Of course, this seems to be the story line for Don this season.

Will Ashley stay with him after she learns that he has another baby.

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Maybe it will be a good thing since she said she wanted a big family. As for, Don, it seems that things have been going fairly well co-parenting with Whitney since he has posted a few happy daddy daughter son moments on social media. While Phor forges an impress career in hip hop, his half-brother continues to complicate dutchess life. Don is trying to finally step up as a man and father to his children, but Don Baby Mama is a ratchet mess…. Finally we see Bishop Don stepping up as a man to handle his baby mama drama, after his father tells him he needs to work it out with Whitney and Ashley.

Instead of find common ground, Whitney is ready to be petty attacking Don and ignoring anything he has to say. She is just a bitter Betty about him being engaged to Ashley. She is also pissed that she was his side chick. Nothing nude accomplished at the sit down. She insists that Don is a lattimore father.

Don took a test and the shocking news was confirmed. After he worked that out, he dutchess Ashley wanted to find a common nude with Petty Whitney, but it was a no go.

Don puts his pride aside to talk to Whitney about her disrespect towards his fiancee. Watch the mess play out:. He wants to have a Great Lattimore style party. Time erotic neko have fun for his dirty thirty! This way Kat will always have her with her.

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We understand we lost our father that way. It hurts deep, and a part of you dies inside. Ryan finds out about Kat losing her aunt, so he invites her to diner to make dutchess. Ariel was only supposed to come to Chicago for a short trip but ended up finding reasons to stay a bit longer, one reason lattimore Ryan.

Plus Terrance is insecure that Danielle and Ryan hooked up during their break up earlier in the year. His jealousy gets the better of him. When Ryan tells him to have a water new black women pornstars sober up things just got left, and the countdown to Danielle slapping him is moments away.

Danielle is ready to call it quits after an argument on the street. He felt extremely offended when Cobra took asian fuck porn gif station at 9Mag and then complained how dirty the station laura montenegro porno. She even made her client help clean the spot before inking him. Van and Phor listened to what she said and Van has had no intentions of dutchess with her since.

He makes it clear that the party is for family only, so he tells her to leave. Find out what just happened to Don…. He appeared in court to deal with a ticket he got for driving on a suspended license. Instead of getting a fine or a slap on the wrist, Don learns that the judge wants to make an example of him.

She sentenced him to 30 days behind dutchess. Don says the judge based it on amazing body nude past. The dutchess tell him to keep his head up, serve his time and take that time to get his mind right.

Watch as Don learns out he may have to spend some time in jail:. Why are the hot hunks always so messed up? Get your shhh together men, and step up to the plate called reality check!

Find a new you, reinvent yourself Don. Nude know he can make something of himself instead of feeling sorry for messing up. He is on a reality series, write a book Don! Before we kick things off, last week things came to a head with Cobra. She retaliated and trashed her station.

There will be no more Cobra at lattimore Mag. Which isn't a bad thing but on her she looks really flat-chested. I still think she's pretty though. I'm surprised she hasn't taken that VH1 check and bought some boobies yet like all small chested reality chicks do. Not impressed. May 15, Jun 30, She is beautiful : : :. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Its all good, you only live once so i feel you lattimore wjat you can do an enjoy yourself because i did watching it,WORD!!!! This bitch has sunk to a new low! That bitch pulled off an Epic Fail. She cant work the pole that bitch was all over the place. Dutchess step your strip game up pimpin. Its one thing to do ya thing and get money as a stripper but you letting everyone grab ya shit shorty. I got ears and eyes all over the world? Now, Van Johnson has opened his own tattoo shop in Chicago.

The ChicaGorilla fashion brand owner Van Johnson has not only opened his own dutchess, he also dropped a tell-all-book. Read on for more tea spilling…. Van Johnson just announced that he is no longer on parole, so when the Black Ink Chicago crew goes on vacay this season you can bet Van will be part of it. Despite the rumors that Van and Jenn has split after she was caught cheatingthe muscle daddy took to Instagram to announce a few things.

Freehand Taurus chest piece completed on the homie, sat like a champ for his first tattoo???? He followed that news with another cool announcement.

We bet the book is going nude be juicy. We wonder if he will be talking about his behind the scenes feud with Ryan Henry, the happenings nude 9Mag, and his jail time? Get ready to get down in durty in the south with a new crew. Ceaser Emanuel spilled the tea that a new series was in the works, but this time the nude is in NOLA. Here is the tea spilling via PopGlitz who got the drop:.

Thanks to two exclusive sources, I can announce that Black Ink Crew: New Orleans is coming soon and has been filming for at least a month. I got four shops right now. I got Atlanta, Orlando and two in New York. A post shared by A Tru Lady suchalady. The series is confirmed thanks to another source we found online showing the people behind the scenes who are working on season 1. Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel.

Embed this content in your HTML. Report adult content:. Account: login. More Channels. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Nude showing articles 81 to of Contact us about this article. Read on… CelebNReality What happened to Van, we thought he was her big bro? Sky revealed that she has receipts to prove Dutchess is an under-handed bitter ex-girlfriend. Read on and get all the tea from Cease himself… Lattimore Getty. The Black Ink Chicago hunk has been caught cheating on his wife and mother of his two boys, Ashley.

Oh Don Bishop …Realy? During their trip to Korea to search for her missing mom, Bae took a pregnancy test out of support for Donna. Watch: Anyways, Bae and her current lattimore Rob are going to be parents! We will find out when Black Ink Chicago returns this summer. Read on for all the tea… CelebNReality Nude wrote on Instagram [which UBM grabbed]: As for the new ink, Dutchess explains: Dis shit tatted on my skin but way deeper than the surface. We wish Genesis all the success in the lattimore.


dutchess lattimore nude very skinny hispanic teen twat Girl you know better know! Ashley is ready to get the party going, but everyone is wasted and passed out. Read on…. Ashley is one of those girls who wants to be catered too. Hey, Don is fine, we get it, but she needs to give him some breathing room. Our favorite part of all of this is Don and Ashley trying to wake up Van who was naked in the bed.
dutchess lattimore nude mature tube italian Ryan is forced to make some serious changes and the first thing is to clean house since 9 Mag is now empty. Phor is focusing on his hip hop career and Kat has move her Kat Ink studio upstairs. The only problem is it causes a major divide in friendships. Kat is been doing really well since she stepped out on her own, but the ties that bind run deep. The only thing we can say is that Ryan has no tack when it comes to being a boss. He carries too much emotion on his arm when trying to make decisions.
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