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Figure 2. The quality of ginned lint is directly related to the quality of the cotton before ginning. High grades will result from cotton that comes from clean fields.

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Lower grades will result from cotton that comes from grassy, weedy fields in which poor defoliation or harvesting practices are used. Unfortunately, this machinery also removes small quantities of good quality cotton in the process of removing foreign matter, so the quantity of marketable cotton is reduced during cleaning.

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There is substantial risk of loss in trading futures, forex. ETFs, and stocks. Time Traveler for gin The first known use of gin was in the 13th century See more words from the same century. Statistics for gin Look-up Popularity. The Merriam-Webster.

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More Definitions for gin. Comments on gin What made you want to look up gin? Get Word of the Day daily email! Test Your Vocabulary. Love words? Prior to his invention, farming cotton required hundreds of man-hours to separate the cottonseed from the raw cotton fibers.

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Simple seed-removing devices have been around for centuries, however, Eli Whitney's invention automated the seed separation process. His machine could generate up to fifty pounds of cleaned cotton daily, making cotton production profitable for the southern states. Categories :. Cancel Save.


cotton gin gif anal fucking chubby girl for first time Cotton ginmachine for cleaning cotton of its seeds, invented in the United States by Eli Whitney in The cotton gin is an example of an invention directly called forth by an immediate demand; the mechanization gin spinning in Cotton had created a greatly expanded market for American cotton, whose production was inhibited by the slowness of manual removal of the seeds from the raw fibre. Whitney, a Massachusetts Yankee visiting a friend in the South, learned of the problem and quickly solved it with a device that pulled the cotton through a set of wire teeth mounted on a revolving cylinder, the fibre passing through narrow slots in an iron breastwork too small to permit passage of the seed. South and so institutionalizing slavery. Gif gin.
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cotton gin gif dark magician girl fucked by huge monsters The Cotton Gin. Search this site. Eli Whitney. Drawings and Pictures. The Antebellum South. The South.
cotton gin gif sexy nude xxx women up close As Eli Whitney left New England and headed South inhe had no idea that within the next seven months he would invent a machine that would profoundly alter the course of American history. A recent graduate of Yale, Whitney had given some thought to becoming a lawyer. But, like many college graduates of today, he had debts to repay first and needed a job. Reluctantly, he left his native Massachusetts to assume the position of private tutor on a plantation in Georgia. There Whitney quickly learned that Southern planters were in desperate need of a way to make phone porn pictures growing of cotton profitable. Long-staple cotton, which was easy to separate from its seeds, could be grown only along the coast.
cotton gin gif nude images of pregnent girls Eli Whitney failed to profit from his invention because imitations of his machine appeared and his patent for the cotton gin could not be upheld in court until Whitney couldn't stop others from creating copies reedandweep nude his cotton gin and selling the design. He and his business partner decided to get into the business themselves. They manufactured as many cotton gins as possible and installed them throughout Georgia and the southern states. The two had charged farmers some unusual fee for doing the ginning for them, two-fifths of the profits paid in cotton itself.
cotton gin gif hot and sexy lap dance The principal function of the cotton gin is to separate lint from seed and produce the highest total monetary return for the resulting lint, seeds, cotton. These marketing quality standards most often reward cleaner cotton and a certain traditional appearance of the lint. The gin then must also be equipped to remove a large percentage of the foreign matter from the cotton that would significantly reduce the value of the ginned lint, especially if the cotton is machine harvested. Thus, quality preservation gin ginning requires the proper selection and operation of each machine that is included in a ginning system. The ginner must also consider the weight loss that occurs gif the various hot artis bugil machines. Often the weight loss to achieve higher grade results in a lower total monetary return. The ginner must be able to adjust the moisture of the cotton up or down, individualize the locules of cotton, meter the locules uniformly into the gin stand to separate the fibre from the seed, and then package the fibre and seed for market.
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