literoctia, exactly, he got chuzz on his ring and pinky fingers in addition to his index finger, middle finger and thumb." />

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And not only can you use chopsticks for Cheetos, but you can use them for any foods that leave behind residue on your fingertips, like If you have a pair of chopsticks lying around, or you're planning on visiting a Chinese restaurant soon, snag yourself a pair and see what all of the hype is about. And don't forget to share a pic of your experience in the comments below.

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The dogs would hate me for that! Then they would chew up the Cheetos flavored chopsticks, racking up thousands of dollars in vet bills for removing cheetos flavored chopsticks from their guts. But I appreciate the technique and will definately carry a pair of chopsticks in my purse in case someone serves Cheetos at a fancy party, so as not to offend anyone by shaking their hand with Cheetos fingers. Life Hacks for Your Smartphone Fresh tips every day. Sign Up.

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I like to give my girl the ol hot Cheetos finger. There's even simpler! Use a toothpick!

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How Does Jeff Bezos Eat Cheetos? An Investigation

I know… but god I love Cheetos. Except… what the fuck? But shortly after I shared it on Twitter, I noticed what many in the replies were already pointing out: Cheeto dust on all five fingers.

Why does he use his whole fucking hand? The Fucking affluence of the rich wasting napkins and shit I can't wait for the guillotine.

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For comparison:. Would a man who truly loved this cornmeal treat not realize he can remove Cheetos from the gif with only three, or even two of his manual digits, as to avoid dirtying the entire set? This lends credence to a theory that the scene is totally staged. And yet, Bezos is an oddball. That leaves us to explain how, exactly, he got chuzz on his ring and pinky fingers fingers addition to his index finger, middle finger and thumb.

The obvious guess is cheeto they all came together to pinch the Cheetos like prizes in a claw machine.


cheeto fingers gif sexual photo of brother and sister Cheetos fingers is defined as the unpleasant but mostly pleasantoddly-colored residue left on the thumb, index finger, and middle finger after ravenously eating through a bag of—you guessed it—Cheetos. It can usually be cleaned up by licking your fingers my favorite or washing your hands boooooo. For the folks who enjoy the latter, Cheetos fingers are an annoyance. As someone chubby goth blowjob enjoys this idiosyncrasy, I've never quite understood the disgust in getting your fingers all cheesed up. But, as I've grown to know more and more people, I've realized that not everyone enjoys the same stuff that I like. Not many people love the smell of gas.
cheeto fingers gif small girls big dick fuck So whereas we mortals are on Instagram to flex, Jeff often tries to normalize himself there. Remembering the many sons and daughters who have given up their lives for us and for our sons and daughters. Exactly what you or I would do at the movies. I love Dwayne Johnson therock. Still working on my smolder. Then he might cop to a junk food habit. I know… but god I love Cheetos.
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