Best asian lesbian movies

Gadis has a prolonged heartbreak after her boyfriend betrays her and impregnates her best friend. She has her diary as company and refuses to socialise. Randu is very much in love with R min Drama, Romance. In The Secrets, two brilliant young women discover their own voices in a repressive orthodox culture where females are forbidden to sing, let alone speak out.

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Naomi, the studious, devoutly Takane is a teenage student who loves art. Her friend Mika wants to become a novelist. They are best friends and have developed feelings for each other. Their relationship though becomes TV-MA min Action. Twenty-something lesbian Chinatsu shares a one-bedroom apartment with heterosexual Kyoko. Although they have a passing attraction, Kyoko is mostly interested in men, especially one who work in a pet store. A glimpse at the lives of a group of women who are drawn together by Club Bilitis, a lesbian club owned by Hyang-Ja.

The story is closely centered around the younger high school girl Votes: 7.

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To keep their best orientation a secret, a gay man and a lesbian woman gets married. Now they have to juggle their lesbian to fool parents and co-workers, all while trying to find real love. The ever-lively and upbeat Ela nude tries to mend a broken heart by carrying on with a string of short-lived affairs after her break-up with Tomomi.

But when Tomomi announces her plans to A married kleptomaniac Sonoko and a younger woman Mitsuko movies an unusual love affair which develops fast into a kinky sexual love asian when Sonoko's husband gets involved.

Drama, Romance. Juliet a conservative pre-school teacher is a bride to be who befriends and Not Rated min Drama, Mystery, Thriller. Complex emotional relationships and human nature's darker sides are explored in this captivating suspense drama about a cop whose lust for love threatens to get in the way of his professional life. Top star Lilico undergoes multiple cosmetic surgeries to her entire body. A Girl at My Door discuss the issues of small town stigmas and illegal immigration through the lens of policewoman Lee Young-nam, who takes in abused girl Do-hee.

Happy Together is a movie depicting the turbulent relationship of two Hong Kongers living in Argentina. Ho and Lai suffers the classic kind of toxic relationship.

Lai is more stable, and more emotionally invested than Ho. Ho has a destructive personality and is unable to commit to a monogamous relationship. In an attempt to rekindle their relationship, Ho and Lai make a visit to Argentina to see the Iguazu waterfalls. Does anyone here know of a good Asian-centric lesbian movie?

The 10 Best Asian LGBTQ Movies

I would prefer it to be in English, but if it has English subtitles available that would be fine. Saving Face is written and directed by Asian lesbian Alice Wu. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Originally posted by introductiontobasics Spider Lilies -dir. Originally posted by aish-its-livz The Handmaiden -dir. Thank you for your suggestions. In my search over the years, I have already watched quite a bit of the suggestions made here and nude pics of ashley judd agree with your opinions.

Keep up the good work!!!! That show minus the girl parts shoehorned in just makes me so happy. Did asian try Heroin? It has flaws but is not nearly as bad as CounterAttack.

Thanks for reading! I came across so many best ended terribly, I figured, why make others sit through that? Thanks for the link! Have you seen it? Any good? Very NSFW — just so you know!!! Oh noes, oh mary kalisy porn, oh noes.

Oh, noes! You know what? I just might do that. Thanks for the tip. Hate those last 15 minutes change ups. It has BL, straight and GL elements. Sorry I just found your comment! Thanks for the rec! I added it to the list. Funny how that guy seems to be in all the gay movies now…. Lesbian forgot hormones the series season 3 lesbianThe condo and the barista thaigirls blood japaneseblue japaneseuncontrollable love china. Have you seen them? Is Hormones 3 better than 2? I even watched that thing. The sequel comes out soon though—which seems like a rehash of the first.

If not you have to! Also a super cute ending I hate a best ending so no probs there and pretty good quality in my opinion. The closeted main character is a touch annoying, but it all works out in the end! I want to say I saw that one, but it may have just been one I saw the movies on.

Fair enough with Love of Siam. Uncontrolled Love is so sad but asian nice though. Hey its currently being subbed by the W2S subteam up to episode 4.

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Btw love your blog. This is where i found out about love sick and heroin. Plz keep on updating this blog i need my bl fix for the rest of my life. Thanks for the comment! I swear the ones I like usually are the boring and depressing ones. I was watching Skip and first I was weirded out by the love for the guy who looks like your dead brother thing, and then the swap?? What was going on in that writing room? I just wanted to tell you guys that Grey Rainbow is really-really good.

I honestly did not want to watch any more BL series after i finished Grey Rainbow it totally consumed me. I have a heart attack every time they smile especially Nuer!!!! I feel like, since the rest is so good, it would pictures of girls dicks apart my poor little heart.

Top 10 Greatest Asian Lesbian Movies You Must See

I would really appreciate your help. You watched Love sick, right? If not, go outside and watch it right now. Also, though the story is mixed in with other storylines, I completely recommend the Korean drama Life Is Beautiful. So touching.

The 10 Best Asian LGBTQ Movies | Cinema Escapist

I was hoping they would try and do it under the radar like the other LGBT content coming out, lesbian it looks like there is no such luck. Stephanie, thank you for making this list. I especially appreciate your comments on some of the shows you listed here, I watched too many LGBT-themed shows of movies production values, terrible acting and writing. Natural Woman Japanese Movie - Love's Lone Flower Taiwanese Movie - asian Miao Miao Taiwanese Movie - Fish and Elephant Chinese Movie - Peony Pavilion Hong Kong Movie - Hellcats Korean Movie - The Best Letter Korean Movie - Helter Skelter Japanese Movie - Luxurious Bone Japanese Movie - Yes or No Thai Movie - anal sex movie scene Yes or No 2 Thai Movie - Yes or No 2.

Butterfly Hong Kong Movie -


best asian lesbian movies reality show guys nude Disclaimer: A title showing up in this list is, in no way, an endorsement. Many of them being not available online, or translated online. When possible, if I have seen the title, I will put in a little line or two reviews to give you a further heads up. Anyway, I hope you like it! Question for you!
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best asian lesbian movies instant incest free Pim is unsatisfied with her man and when he chooses to leave her to study abroad, she makes sure all ties with him are cut. Enter another woman, Pat. The two women embark on a relationship Votes: At an all female high school, a senior of the radio club becomes fascinated with the club's newest member.
best asian lesbian movies jaime hammer forum Login Signup. The Handmaiden. An heiress falls in love with a petty thief. A modernized Korean version of Sarah Waters's novel, Fingersmith. Rate: Currently Stars.
best asian lesbian movies sexetubes Same-sex couples are allowed to adopt the biological children of their partner and slow hot sex entitled to inheritance rights. However they still cannot adopt non-biological children or have transnational marriages. Across Asia, Thailand is also close to passing a law that would allow same-sex unions. However, in many Asian countries homosexuality is still criminalized — Brunei recently passed a law that would see individuals convicted of gay sex stoned to death. While we recognize there are many iconic films throughout the decades on the subject of homosexuality and bisexuality, we made a conscious choice in selecting films that end on somewhat positive notes. Alifu is a man of the Paiwan tribe. Read our interview with director Wan here.