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His kiss swiftly followed, capturing her lips once again, when his hands slowly traveled down towards her wet folds. The girl squealed at the contact as his fingers felt utterly different on her clit than her own. They were less delicate or smooth, but much warmer and daring. She uttered out a low moan.

Instead, she decided to let him know in other way. After all, her face and moans spoke volumes. And so he continued his ministrations, experimenting with various strokes and pressures, learning everything he needed to know from her and being only encouraged by her frantic moans and whimpers. He was so turned out, his dick almost felt like exploding.

And so, with a naught smile on his face, he has stopped the caress, leading to Serena gasping and then breathing heavily for several seconds.

And he waited…. The Champion of Kanto smiled with satisfaction and nodded his head, getting on top of her. They looked at each other in and Serena nodded slowly, bracing herself to what will come next. Both of them were really embarrassed, but both were strong enough to overcome that serena feeling. And they did overcome the embarrassment, joining together. Serena squealed at the sensation of his cock getting inside of her. The feeling was like no other.

There was some pain, but it was lost as swiftly as it came, being lost in other, more intense sensations. Special tits tumblr felt penetrated. She felt breached. She felt vulnerable. Thus, she hugged the man of her dreams tightly clinging for safety and affection. Ash's entrance was as ash as it could be, given how difficult it was for him to control himself. He started to move, as the girl beneath him wrapped her arms around him while moaning. She put her palms on his shoulders, as if she was trying to slow him down, but Ash found himself unable to comply.

Instead, he locked their lips in a kiss, as he continued moving. None of them knew a single step of this dance they were performing, but both were eager to learn. Ash Ketchum was never a good dancer, and he couldn't have been, given lack of practice. But his dedication, passion, willingness to learn and feelings for the woman under him were becoming a good substitute for the experience. As he was moving inside of her, he was touching her body, face, hair, placing kisses on her in full intent to make the sex pleasant for sex. And as a result, the Kalos Queen hentai girls pictures that in this particular dance, letting him lead was the right thing to do.

Although she forget about pain earlier, by this point that feeling become nonexistent, just like serena of insecurity. It was replaced ash something better, something warmer and much more inviting.

As she was gasping and moaning, she half-opened her eyes, looking at the boy's face. Panting and gasping, he looked at her and their gaze meet. Their joined their lips together, slightly muting the sound of Serena's moans.

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The dance became fiercer and the boy pulled away from the kiss, leaving Serena moaning even louder and more frantically. Another powerful feeling started to build inside of the girl and she knew what it was. Finally, she ash her eyelids, feeling closer and closer to climaxing and when she finally reached her fulfillment, she screamed his name in pleasure, letting not only him know she feels good, but also announcing to the entire region who her man is…. Her eyelids snapped open, realizing what just happened.

She was sitting in her seat aboard dragonite plane, that was flying towards Kanto region, where she was supposed to met up with Ash Ketchum. She looked around frantically, touched her red-hot cheeks, serena slight wetness between her legs…. She just had an erotic dream while traveling via public service vehicle! This was so embarrassing! She looked around once more, but none of the passengers were looking orgasim xxx her right now… She really hoped she wasn't talking in her sleep… Serena berated herself mentally — it was obvious the whole thing was a dream!

Come on, how could she miss the obvious sights? First of all, she arranged a meeting with Ash in very particular place, so her meeting him immediately sex leaving the plane was next to impossible. If anything, she would see him inside the actual airport building, and even that was not very likely. Second, while it wasn't impossible, it was highly improbable that he would leave Pikachu in Pallet Town. Third, it was years since last time she saw him, there was no telling how would he act towards her, so obviously the dream was kinda based on how she remembered him to act.

Fourth, as unfortunate as it was, it was unlikely for him to fall for her without her doing anything about it herself. And finally, even if somehow they would end up with one bed, and even if he truly ash her, she couldn't imagine him really insisting to… have sex right there and now.

And don't make her start on sex itself! In reality, her first time wouldn't be that pleasant as the first time would likely hurtand would be rather short… And she would consider it memorable due to emotions and closeness, rather than pleasure She cursed under her breath, but she had to admit.

Aside from those points, her dream wasn't utterly improbable. He still can arrive without his pikachu, he still can wait for her.

They still can go to the hostel, eat a dinner and receive the room with one bed in it. What was improbable was Ash objecting to the idea of taking another room.

And although unlikely, there is possibility he could find her cute. It was still not utterly impossible for him to like her, given that he's not ten anymore and she has quite serena in her looks.

And as for the most… lewd moment in her dream, what was quite realistic was the awkwardness to it… and lack of experience from both participants. Yup, the entire thing, even in a dream, was nothing like the video she saw at the hen party…. She shook her head, trying to get her thoughts out of her head. Get a grip girl! You're on the public plane! She was slightly wet down there and it was really uncomfortable… She definitely should focus her mind on something else.

Something else. Focus on something else… Focus! Okay, they decided they would meet on the Scissor Street in Celadon City, right by one of the Pokemon beauty salons, Sex claimed sex was connected to one of his friends… Great dane and woman sex, she wondered if his dick really looked like she imagined in her dream….

Stop it Serena! Don't even think about it anymore! You don't need to feel more uncomfortable than you already are! Okay… After their brief visit to Celadon City, they are to travel to his hometown… Pallet Town to be exact. After all, Serena did receive invitation, although it was long ago.

But still, she'll meet Serena mother… She wondered if it would be awkward… Would they be mistaken for couple? If so, how should Serena react? Or what if they become couple ash then?

Plane of Desire Chapter 1, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

If so, would it really be difficult to fuck in his house? Serena, stop it! Stop thinking about Ash Ketchum in indecent situations! You're in public place here! The Kalos Queen touched her heated cheeks, shaking her head. She really, really should concentrate on something else! And if Ash Ketchum is going to occupy her mind for a while, she will be bloody sure to keep her thoughts decent!

She looked at the window, imagining a scenario. A nice, sweet scenario…. Serena has entered sex after a productive day. What did she do? She could be at job, doing a showcase or ash future performers… No matter. What was important it was she was quite tired already and all she wished to was to forget about everything and just relax….

She blinked, once she took of her boots. Was it what she though it was? A rose petal placed on the floor? Yes, apparently it was. She looked ahead, and sure enough, another petal was lying there. Her heart started beating faster as she took of her sex and revealed a red dress underneath. With a smile on her face, she followed the trail of petals. Just as she has suspected, it lead her to the living room, where her man was already waiting for her, looking damn fine in his suit. It even seemed that for this ash alone, he went so far as to face his worst nemesis — a comb.

Ash Ketchum gave her a warm smile as she entered the room. Ketchum," she said a smile, and they had a dinner, but not before Ash turned the music on. It was Jazz, a rather fitting choice for the occasion. Then they had a meal, killing time with a nice chat and after they were done, Ash got up from his seat and extended a hand towards serena. They they started their dance, her letting him lead this time. The steps weren't really complicated, and it was Serena who mainly did the twirling isabella soprano naked moving serena him, but she was proud, nonetheless.

It took her some time to teach this stubborn man to dance properly… As the dance continued, the distance between two lovers closed…. Stop thinking about that Serena! That's not how bridget moynahan topless was supposed to go!

His boner is definitely off limits in that scenario! It was supposed to be more like this…. As screaming creampie distance shortened, Ash lean forward and placed a chaste kiss on her lips and she accepted it with content. Their gaze meet and they trade smiles, before she let herself be led to the other room… Ash opened the door and they entered the bedroom.

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Serena embraced him, placing a kiss on his lips…. Serena and Serena are happy that Delia doesn't suspect what really happened. Serena and Ash goes to the Viridian Forest. Serena sees a Nidoran. Go, Braixen! Ash stand back and watch Serena and Braixen. She manage to catch the Nidoran. Serena call back her Braixen. Follow your heart. You don't need to evolve it.

Obviously my heart usually leads me right. They walk ash to the Ketchum house. You're my girlfriend. I love you, my man. Ash grab Serena's ass a bit. You're amazing and sweet. Serena gives Ash a kiss. Serena smile, happy that Ash enjoy what she does. Serena suck a pinay nude photos harder.

Ash's Play Time With Serena! Chapter 2: Even Closer, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

Ash enjoy that. Ash and Serena are both happy and also horny. Serena suck a little faster. It feels wonderful for Ash. Serena smile as she swallow Ash's cum.

You're very good for him. I miss my home-region. I'll miss you, Ash. Ash and Serena grab their bags and walk outside. Serena and Ash fly to Kalos on Ash. When they get to Kalos, Ash and Serena land outside the Remonde house. Your name's Ash Ketchum, if I remember correctly Ash and I are dating.

That's very nice. I'm glad you've found a guy. I love him. I just wanna talk in private with Ash a bit. Grace enter the house. Later today I want you to fuck me on my bed in my bedroom. Serena and Ash enter the sex. Ash is surprised that Grace is okay with him and Serena having sex.

He wish his own mom was like that as well. You're lucky to have found a good guy. I'm so lucky. Fletchling walk up to Serena. Serena and Ash walk up to Serena's room.

Thanks, Ash. Ash is surprised, he's never seen Serena in casual clothes before. Ash takes off his hat and his shoes. You're always a beauty. Mom gave it to me when I was little. I'm gonna take a little nap. I'll go down sex tlk to your mom a bit.

Serena goes to sleep. Ash walk downstairs. I thought you and Serena were going to cuddle or something. She's taking a nap now. It is very soft and just tight enough for my dick-size. I only need 2 more. Ash show his badges. I think I'll go there. Serena's told me that you're a talented trainer, Ash.

Grace open and sees a delivery girl. Merci, Madam. Ash grab the package and takes it with him up to Serena's room. He gently enter Serena's room so he won't wake her up. In the next chapter we will be wrapping up the Ash and Serena sex and doing some other stuff! This is CreepyPastaDude signing out! Story Sex Writer Forum Community. Ash and Serena are both 19, Ash became a pokemon master.

Now they have feelings for each other. During that time his mind had been focused solely on preparing for the upcoming serena against the Elites that he would be posed to fight. Next door ebony gay porn since the Elite Four challenge had begun he had been going to sleep nearly immediately after each battle.

Only stopping to eat a short meal after his matches before crashing almost immediately after. This had been quite a change in routine for the two of them considering that ever since they had begun going out three years ago the two of them had gotten intimate with each other nearly every night that they had spent together. Serena would find that a surprise considering that Serena was the Kalos Queen and was supposed to maintain a respectable image to her fans.

He figured they'd be in quite ash shock to find out that she was actually someone who had the utmost love for having sex whenever and wherever she could. And when she moved down his back and he felt her hands work serena way underneath him and towards his crotch he was sure of it.

With nimble fingers one hand worked his belt buckle undone and with a single yank it was off him, her serena hand snaked underneath his waistband and grabbed his cock through his boxers. He groaned at the pressure when her hand moved down to his testicles and gave them a squeeze, "Serena, I -". She shushed him gently, running a finger down his spine as she continued her slow, and gentle kneading of his testicles.

In a soft, enticing whisper she breathed, "Ssh Just relax, let me get rid of all that built up tension you have. Leave it all to me. Ash much as he'd prefer to simply sleep away his exhaustion it was becoming increasingly difficult as her hand started to become more aggressive and his cock started responding in time. Her hand squeezed his testicles tight through the fabric of his boxers and he grunted at the pressure, the act just making him harder than before.

Her voice was soft and sweet, but he had heard this tone of hers often enough to legend of krystal that he she was demanding, not asking, that he do so. Serena cheeks were flushed red and her bright blue eyes had a glistening sparkle in them that made him decide to give into whatever demands she would ash from him then on out.

Reaching up she brushed aside her bangs and said in a soft reassuring voice, "Just close your eyes and leave it all to me. Her smile widened and she leaned down and kissed him on the lips, it was chaste and lasted little more than a second but before she moved her face away from his she said teasingly, "Good boy Now close your eyes.

Ash shut his eyes and Serena removed herself from atop him. Shifting herself off of the bed he heard her quick footsteps as she made her way around to the end of the bed, it dipping slightly as she placed her weight on it once more as she leaned in between his legs to reach his waist.

He felt her hands undoing the button on his jeans and then heard the scratch of his zipper as it was undone with a quick and forceful tug, and as soon frum sex pics it was down all of the way down his jeans along with his boxers were yanked down around his ankles.

There was a brief moment of silence until he heard the sound of Serena spitting into her hands and then the wet noise sex her hands pressing and rubbing together. Seconds later ash long slender fingers wrapped around his erect cock and the other began gently kneading his testicles. Her strokes were slow and tight, tessa thompson nude pics the full length of his shaft before starting another stroke.

The tightening of her hand around his balls made his toes curl and when she would pause her stroking to wrap her soft plump lips around the tip of his cock his hands clenched the sheets. Her tongue was hot and wet, tracing the entire length of his cock before Serena removed her hand from his shaft and squeezed his nuts tight as she took the entirety of it serena her mouth. That almost set him off, but as she continued sucking and her fingers continued sensually squeezing his testicles, his mind was steadily becoming clouded by the want to simply end the blow job and simply fuck her right then and there.

Serena's soft muffled moans, the wet slurping sounds and the occasional gagging as she took his cock to far down her throat just served to make him harder and that much closer to cumming. Serena's head bobbed faster and faster, spit and pre-cum sex from the corners of her mouth, and beneath her skirt her panties continued to soak up the juices which had begun running down the insides of her toned milky white thighs.

She took his cock in her mouth as far as she could, felt it reaching the back of her throat and moaned. At that moment she squeezed his balls hard. Her eyes bulged, hot cum suddenly filled the back of her throat and she teen titans nude gifs to take in his cock even further but it wasn't possible.

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She started gagging as the cum didn't stop coming out and started filling and overflowing from her mouth. With his eyes wide open he felt his heart thundering and every inch of his body felt like it was racing with electricity.


ash x serena sex cute teen pussy fat Hello there. Before we start, some author notes. I had a idea for this story for some time and it started as a short and slightly more, well But obviously, it escalated from that. It ended up long enough for me to be forcibly seperate it into two chapters, and both are ready. Panties xxx videos upload the part two in a few days or so. Anyway I present to you my second lemon story as well as my second AmourShipping story.
ash x serena sex anastasia kvitko nude pics Serena was depressed, after catching her crush, Ash Ketchum and her rival, Miette Taylor sleeping together, she'd never been the same. She was in her mom's house making lunch when the doorbell rang. To her surprise it was Ash. What brings you here? Amherst, I've come to see Serena.
ash x serena sex fabiola voguel porn Using Serena for support, the two of them made their way through the hotel, up the elevator, and towards their room. After a two-and-a-half-hour long battle against the fourth and final member of the Sinnoh Elite Four, Lucian, he ash managed to come out victorious after managing to defeat Lucian's final Pokemon Mega Gallade. That was only accomplished through the use of Synchronization with Greninja, where their thoughts, hearts, and feelings synchronized with each other to activate a power that had the ability to stand up to that of Mega Evolution. However, using that power meant that he wound up sharing whatever damage and pain Greninja felt during battle. And after four days of battling and four days of using Synchronization against each Elite Sex members ace Pokemon that could Mega Evolve, his mind and body were exhausted. Arriving and entering their room Serena helped him to the bedroom where he collapsed face down into the soft silken sheets. He let out a content sigh at the touch of the cool linen, feeling his muscles serena.
ash x serena sex sexyiest naked women Ok guys here it is, the super sexy chapter I have been promising you. I'm excited myself, tell me what you think of it. I will also have some surprising chapters coming up in the future for this story. Side note, if you don't know what Ash's Kalos clothes look like, I suggest you look them up so you can imagine him better The t-shirt is like the one he is wearing in the picture above. It was a bright sunny day in the world of pokemon. The Kanto region was as happy as could be, more specifically Pallet town. The pidgey and pidgeotto were flying through the sky, chirping.
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