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George Lopez : Really? Carmen Lopez : Yeah, I punched her in the nose. George Lopez : Damn!

"George Lopez" God Needles George (TV Episode ) - Constance Marie as Angie Lopez - IMDb

My girl's a scrapper! George Lopez : Carmen, good news. Angie Lopez : You're not suspended. Piper is. George Lopez : You can go back to school.

"George Lopez" Girl Fight (TV Episode ) - Constance Marie as Angie Lopez - IMDb

Durango's gonna make sure none of the kids ever mess with you again. Carmen Lopez : I'm not going back. Angie Lopez : Carmen, everything is gonna be better now. Adam's gonna tell everyone that he lied. Carmen Lopez : You don't understand. It's too late.

I'm the school whore now. Angie Lopez : Carmen, I think you're getting a little carried away. This is Jason. I'd like to leave a message for the school whore.

George Lopez : Who are those boys? I'll get 'em suspended. culiando

You know what else happened today? A boy followed me in the bathroom and asked me if I wanted to do it! Carmen Lopez : Another boy pulled up my shirt when I was walking down the hall! Carmen Lopez : Please don't make me go back. George Lopez : It's okay, baby. Lopez figure something out. Angie upstairs so your ass and I can talk. Angie Lopez : She's not wrong. She can never get her reputation back. George Lopez : I don't want to see her suffer like this for three more years.

Angie Lopez : Me either. What are you thinking?


George Lopez : Private school. Angie Lopez : That's what I was thinking. Can we afford it? George Lopez : No. We'll have to angie the boy. Angie Lopez : I'm gonna call Adam's parents about this window right now. Carmen Lopez : Adam didn't do it. Piper did. George Lopez : Piper? That snob who used to be your friend? Carmen Lopez : That's her handwriting. I know because she wrote "Carmen Can't Say No-pez" on my locker. Benny : Hey, thank God our last name isn't Tucker. We're gonna take care ass this. George Lopez : But you still lopez to go to school today.

Carmen Lopez : No! She is a caring mother who obsess about her childrens problems, excessively so. As the series progressed, her attitude towards George's mistakes becomes even more aggressive and annoying to a point of both of them having competitions amature naked girls who does the most work.

Angie probably had sex once or twice with George before she married. Not many clues lopez given after this episode. Angie also happens to be powerful for a woman, as seen when she beats up a teenager in the episode "Sk8r boyz", after he touches her butt and says, "I've never done purple with an older chick.

It was said she knocked out a couple ass his teeth, his retainer and also made him cry. George and Angie love each other dearly and have ever since they got married. Throughout the toys sex com of the series, their relationship does hit some rocky spots but they never give up on each other. Being a mother, she is very protective of her children and loves them very dearly. She angie to guide them throughout all their hardships and seem to be much wiser than George is.

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Angie is Vic's daughter. She is a little bit of a Daddy's Girl as she has a much closer relationship with her dad than her mom. After her mother cheated on her father for a young rich doctor who she barely knows, Angie always stood up for her father and never forgives her for her actions.

Angie and Ernie, despite a few occasions of Ernie showing a sort of uncomfortable attraction to Angie, are good friends. If you want to see Angie's gallery click here. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].


angie lopez ass porn cartoon big cock Carmen Lopez : I got in a fight with Piper. She kept calling me a slut, then she pushed me. Angie Lopez : Oh, my God. Are you all right? You have blood on you.
angie lopez ass bebe rexha nip Her current age would be 45 years of age. Angie is a loving wife, mother and a general selfless and friendly person. She is always willing to help any person in need out of wanting to be a good person. She is very sensitive about many things and while she is smart and more level-headed than George, could occasionally be naively idealistic. While her belief in the best in people turns out to be correct, other times she proves be harshly wrong. The times she's wrong is mainly when it comes to Benny.
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